Top 5 Worst Moments In Dark Souls | Bag Of Games

Bag Of Games pulls out the horrible moments from Dark Souls and explores them for your pleasure. But not for theirs...

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Captain Qwark 92436d ago

as annoying as those moments are i actually appreciate the difficulty they add to the experience. i may be one of the few people who feel this way but i like for my games to be incredibly difficult. i cannot stand games i can literally just walk through.

also although i agree some stuff is very difficult to figure out, i also enjoy that aspect of the design. i dont use walk throughs becuase i feel they ruin the experience and having things that are difficult to figure out means it could be several play throughs before i experience everything. it also adds to the nostalgia becuase it reminds me of gaming back in the day when INTERNET wasn't there and easter eggs and secrets were actually secret