Editorial: Boycotting Diablo III: A threat to gaming [Press2Reset]

Given the news that Diablo III is heading for an always-on DRM solution, Sean Knight is making the painful decision of boycotting it. Read on to find his justifications.

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Trenta272433d ago

That's actually a very good article. While boycotting it is pretty extreme, the rest of the article is very well done.

Sharodan2433d ago

I've passed your feedback on to the author. Thanks for checking it out!

Mythicninja2433d ago

Another good alternative would be GRIM DAWN. They're going to have a kickstarter up in a few days, and I would recommend everyone I know to go check out the gameplay videos of it on youtube

Sharodan2433d ago

I'll certainly keep an eye out for that one. Thanks for the heads up!

JD_Shadow2432d ago

There's a problem, though, with the author's thinking. I can understand the point (and I hate that kind of DRM and would wish that Ubisoft would get the hint when people boycott their games over the DRM issue instead of thinking that the boycotters are just those that would pirate the game because...OMG, they still ARE pirating their games).

However, with D3, keep in mind that the game was built with the whole idea of multiplayer interaction in mind. Games are constantly being saved, there are things other than the RMAH that require online connectivity to use, etc. In other words, this is a quasi-MMO. Though I concur such DRM is a big concern that shouldn't be taken lightly, I don't think Blizzard intended this sort of thing to be a form of DRM.

I will say that them not allowing mods in this game IS a terrible drawback and could be a dealbreaker for many people.