Fans Gone Wild: Call of Duty Edition | When feedback turns into threats, fan interaction can derail an entire project. In Modern Warfare 3's case, its biggest advocate and voice of the players leaves his position after severe feedback which includes death threats.

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demetre722434d ago

You kidding those are pathetic threats from f..ckin children what the hell would you quit a prominent role because of f..ckin whiners !!

There is more to the story , and our friend is headed to Respawn that is my opinion .

BigManFanelli2434d ago

I half agree with you. I think he is headed to Respawn.

However, threats are threats. Children or not, how would you deal with continued threats day after day after day because a video game that you helped make? Doesn't that seem a bit extreme? No one should have to deal with that, EVER.

I wouldn't want to work in an environment where I was harassed by the general public every day. Would you?