Report: Wii holiday sales hit 744k in Japan

GameSpot: Famitsu publisher Enterbrain's Japanese sales figures for five-week period ended December 30 put Nintendo's console on top of Sony's 232,000 PS3s, Microsoft's 38,994 Xbox 360s.

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PS360WII3991d ago

Dang they also sold that many Wii Fit units as well...

wiizy3991d ago

yes they could have easily sell double that if they didnt have production issue.. well for both the wii and wii fit

PS360WII3990d ago

lol I know right? They can't seem to make anything now that won't sell out! I wouldn't mind that problem

HuntTheWumpus3990d ago

But someone needs to arrest the Wii for murder! Because it is committing nothing but homocide against the PS3.

Nice to see Nintendo own this gen. It just feels right.

xboxman3990d ago

(reply if your over the age of 10 and you care)

PS360WII3990d ago

Well I pass your requirements ^^. More unit sales equals more support for the system. More support equals more games. More games means better chance of getting the good ones. Case in point Monster Hunter 3 on the Wii. Hopefully more to come.