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GoozerNation: "On paper there is nothing about Blades of Time that doesn’t sound awesome. A story centered on a guild treasure hunt gone wrong in a seemingly different reality where dragons and other fearsome beasts reside. Switch between melee dual blades and ranged guns on the fly for flashy acrobatic combat. Unleash combos and elemental magic attacks. Play with time. Every one of those elements is present but none feel fully fleshed out."

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JimmyJames702430d ago

Too bad the game's not that good even with Lara Croft on the cover.

SilentNegotiator2430d ago

I played the demo and came to realize that there are parts where it is entirely impossible to avoid being shot.

This is not a well designed game.

puffkix2430d ago

This is too true. It makes for some ridiculous difficulty spikes that have more to do with luck than with any sort of skill.