Rumor: PlayStation Orbis Gets The Heads-Up

Dual Pixels - PlayStation Orbis will transform the living room around your head, literally. Dual Pixels has an interesting tip regarding the next generation of PlayStation, codenamed Orbis.

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THC CELL2433d ago

Man I can't wait for some official announcement I bet we see a good TGS

MrDead2433d ago

Augmented reality glasses would be cool. A faddy device that would actually enhance a gamer’s experience.

ItsMeAgain2433d ago

I just wish it doesn't give headaches or make eyes hurt for gamers that play for long sessions, like myself =S

mantis1172433d ago

I already wear glasses! I don't really fancy putting on another set on top of my specs. At the very least i hope the 3d headset is optional(if true at all)

BitbyDeath2433d ago

Hopefully optional, i would love some VR but i wouldn't want to use it all the time.

neutralgamer192433d ago

That will be too expensive, but then again they put a lil oled screen into the vita and believe it or not a 13 inch version of an oled screen costs thousands at stores like best buy so vitas version i would have thought would have been very expensive but it turned out it was still used in the vita.

Idk if this is true which i doubt that would be crazy and definitely would make this system top top of the line. Either way whatever sony has in store technologically i know it will be cream of the crop.

Half-Mafia2433d ago

Keep in mind the Vita screen is almost half the resolution of a 1080p display. This heads up device will need 2 OLED screens at 1080p.

That HMZ-T1 is £800 atm.

Emilio_Estevez2433d ago

Yeah, this isn't happening. The headset they have out now is very expensive and that doesn't include a console or controller. If PS4 has this then it will be insanely expensive.

BitbyDeath2433d ago

"The headset they have out now is very expensive and that doesn't include a console or controller."

Headset is cheaper than the blu-ray player they put in the PS3 when it first launched.

VanillaBear2433d ago

I hope this is not true unless it's something which would come out long after the console has been finished and released.

Can we quit the gimmicks and focus on the console it's self for now.

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The story is too old to be commented.