Microsoft goes first: E3 press conference date announced

VG247:Microsoft’s confirmed it’ll be going first with its press conference at E3 this year. It’ll be held on Monday, June 4 at 10.00am PDT. That’ll be 6.00pm in the UK.

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RedDead2430d ago

I have to see this, MS's E3's are fu**ing hilariously bad

richierich2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I agree I mean fucking Sesame Street games FFS whats the gaming industry coming to

Dlacy13g2430d ago

Ahh yes... if its not your kind of game or they announce casual games then its all bad and the industry is doomed. love N4G.. short sighted for the win!

LOGICWINS2430d ago

"I agree I mean fucking Sesame Street games FFS whats the gaming industry coming to"

Oh yes, a gaming industry that caters to children as well as adults is a horrible thing indeed.

BitbyDeath2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

@Logic, not many children would watch E3. May as well play an ad for the Human Centipede during an episode of Play School.

Outside_ofthe_Box2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I actually think this years conference will be good for some reason.

EDIT: @below

Yeah, if Microsoft shows off the next Xbox I don't see how their E3 conference could be seen as bad. I think they will that's why I think it'll be a good conference.

solidjun52430d ago

I'm trying to temper my excitment. Last year -at leat to me- was meh. This yea is low expectations. Only time will tell.

Bigpappy2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

They said "no new console at E3". If you have it in mind that they will show a new console and they don't, you only have yourself to blaim for the letdown.

Expect Halo4 to be the focus and your good to go.

Outside_ofthe_Box2430d ago


Is it not possible for them to lie?

Halo 4 isn't enough though. Hopefully they'll have more than that.

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NYC_Gamer2430d ago

Wii-U has caught my attention for E3....wanna see this machine in action playing actual software.

Hisiru2430d ago

Maybe we can have some Wii U games in action + PS4 reveal? Or is it just a dream?

BigBoss19642430d ago

I hope this won't be the 3rd year in a row MS makes a fool out of themselves

Jumper092430d ago

yeah, i want a Good Microsoft press conference like e3 2006. That was a great conference. But the last two conference were horrible Ugh >.<

Raider692430d ago

Im already seeing it!The M.Nelson first annoucement:dear fans the latest version,spring dashboard its already waiting for download in xbox live go download it now many new adds and see you guys next year!Lights Out!

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The story is too old to be commented.