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Left 4 Dead 3: New Characters and Weapons From X360 Mag’s Foresight

Techtorial: The latest issue from X360 Mag UK revealed its foresight for Left 4 Dead 3 talking about its deeper storyline, characters and weapons customization. (Left 4 Dead 3, PC, Xbox 360)

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Cherchez La Ghost  +   826d ago
PhantomTommy  +   826d ago
.....It's only a wishlist.
SilentNegotiator  +   826d ago | Funny

I figured. Because otherwise, Valve might be able to count to 3.
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Winter47th  +   826d ago
If it weren't for the PC fairies and the clusterf*** backlash they did over L4D2 releasing "too soon" this would have been a reality. Man L4D3 would be awesome.
GamingPerson  +   825d ago
yesssssss! wishlist ftw!!
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T900  +   825d ago

I think the reason PC gamers complained about L4D2 coming so soon is because they know that a new L4D just means new maps. Which can really come as a DLC for free (at least on the PC).

Console gamers on the hand are used to paying up for sequel after sequel. What what has happened with a series like COD due to console gamers taking it up the hind like its no ones business. You get a yearly release + DLC, aside that Modding tools to make custom maps have been taken away. While console gamers may be fine with all of that, since they are used to such ill treatment. I would dread the day Valve became like that.

Edit: FYI not only was L4D 2 put on discount for PC gamers very soon, they also received all the DLCs for free (which was all charged on the console version) all the maps from L4D 1 were imported to L4D2 all for free, aside the fact console version remained at 60usd for a long time, i personally bought the PC version for 34usd few weeks after launch.

Imo console gamers should grow a spine and speak up for their rights instead of taking it up the hind all the time. It would seriously do the entire gaming community a favor.
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jeeves86  +   825d ago
@ T90 - but L4D2 is superior to L4D1 in almost every way. Most of the people that spoke out against it, saying they were boycotting it were playing the game anyways when it came out.

So...who has no spine again? Some people are all talk y'know.
Rick70105710   825d ago | Spam
Cherchez La Ghost  +   825d ago
I know it's just a wishlist. Left 4 Dead 3 is one of my anticipated titles.
showtimefolks  +   825d ago
so valve knows how to make a game where the title has a 3 in it? lol

i think this will be on ps3,wii-u,xbox360 and pc.

what are the chances LFD 1-2 comes out on ps3 on one disk with all the dlc?
b163o1  +   825d ago
That's exactly what I want to see from Valve. They said Sony should be rewarded for opening up the Network. This would be a huge step IMO....
Dan50  +   826d ago
Why is this not on the PS3?
Krew_92  +   826d ago
I'm sure there is a possibility of Left 4 Dead 3 coming out for PS3, especially since Valve put Steam on PS3, and they seem to appreciate the PS3 now, unlike they did years ago.

Also Turtle Rock Studios don't make Left 4 Dead anymore, so there is another big chance for this to come out on PS3.

I'm personally hoping for a Vita version, well even though there is no chance. I'll stick with the PC version for now.
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kaveti6616  +   826d ago
Steam isn't on PS3.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   826d ago
Because it is exclusive to Micrsoft.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   826d ago
Both of these statements are false. Steam IS on PS3. It's not on 360. Left 4 Dead is not console exclusive. Microsoft has no say in what platforms it releases on.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   826d ago
Doesn't MS own the rights to L4D?

Also, since when could valve count to 3?

Disccordia  +   826d ago
I can see where kaveti6616 is coming from though - Just because in ONE game there was a steam underlay doesn't really mean "Steam is on the PS3". It's not like anybody can access the client at any point. You have to have Portal 2 and even then all you can really do is view the achievements and access the news feed.

It would have been so good if Sony could just ditch the PS Store and XMB though and allowed Valve to basically run the OS for PS4 - essentially using the steam client to access friends, store and other PSN services. Would be amazing.
NarooN  +   825d ago
kaveti is right. *Steam* isn't on PS3. Steamworks is, and a limited version of it at that. There's no Steam client of any sort on the PS3 right now, and most likely never will be as it'd be pointless.
BabyTownFrolics  +   825d ago
what ever happened to all the cool shit we were supposed to get for portal 2 on the ps3 due to steamowrks? Where is the access to the user mods and such?
kaveti6616  +   825d ago
The difference between this site and Neogaf is like the difference between the kid's table and the adult table at dinner.
ZippyZapper  +   825d ago
@MySwordIsHeavenly what other console is Left 4 Dead on?

Only console L4D is on is the 360, that would make it "console" exclusive"
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Persistantthug  +   825d ago
@kaveti6616....Sir, I'm sure you have been told several times about STEAM on the PS3.
Versions of STEAM are now available on various platforms, including that of the PS3, which is now called "STEAM OVERLAY"

"Once you have started Portal 2 on your PlayStation® 3, you can access the Steam Overlay at any time simply by pressing the SELECT button on your PS3™ controller."
( https://support.steampowere... )

No offence, kaveti6616, but you don't get to classify what or what not Steam is.....VALVE does, sir.
STONEY4  +   825d ago
^^Steam overlay isn't a version of Steam, it's a feature that's also on PC. It's basically the in-game XMB/dashboard of Steam.
sjaakiejj  +   825d ago
Simple answer is - Steam IS on Ps3, but _not_ as a standalone product. That doesn't matter however, as steamworks is not integrated to Portal 2, but rather a feature of the main framework they build their games on. That means that any future valve title will have Steamworks on Ps3 by default.

This means that for as far as Valve is concerned, for all intends and purposes Steam IS on Ps3.
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acemonkey  +   825d ago
i hope it comes out for the ps3...i remember hearing something about l4d 1-2 getting ported to ps3 but i guess thats rumors for ya
NastyLeftHook0  +   825d ago
i dont really know, this one should come for ps3 i dont see why not.
Dan50  +   823d ago
Or have a blue ray disk with all 3 :D
jdktech2010  +   826d ago
What would happen to the logo when they get to L4D6?
matt1991  +   826d ago
They would use 2 hands.
Nelly_Nel_713  +   826d ago
Right lol...
Perjoss  +   826d ago
"They would use 2 hands."

Or a zombie hand with all digits intact holding a finger (or toe) it just bit off a human!
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NeXXXuS  +   825d ago
They would use french fries, obviously.
Tai_Kaliso  +   826d ago
The community on the Xbox 360 is still pretty big for both L4D 1 and 2, I like the games and they are probably the only Valve games I enjoy, but I don't want to see another one this generation with that same dated engine.
Nelly_Nel_713  +   826d ago
Hell Yea and it is about damn time Valve!
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RockmanII7  +   826d ago
Article is ridiculous. Everyone knows Valve can't count to three.
LAWSON72  +   826d ago
Right... as awesome as valve is why no episode 3 or half life 3 it been taking way to long
Sony360  +   825d ago
Someone already made that joke, so I guess you can't count to 2.
RockmanII7  +   825d ago
Are you talking about SilentNegotiator's comment? Because he post that 2 hours after I posted mine.
dead_eye  +   825d ago
Yeah but silentnegotiators comment is higher than yours and less coherent ;)
madara0sama  +   826d ago
Before you all get excited, it's a wish list.
turgore  +   826d ago
Left for dead is seriously overrated. The games are way too short and many players you encounter are total noobs.
spicelicka  +   826d ago
wow what a buzzkill, i thought this was an announcement-___-

what they need to do is all that and make the graphics better for god's sake
Tommy334  +   826d ago
if it comes to PS3 I'll buy it.
CrazyRap  +   826d ago
Same here i'm excited :)
Jazz4108  +   826d ago
Being exclusive to sony is not a good idea as you miss a lot of great games and vice versa....uncharted and infmaous and resistance and tales of graces and then witcher2,left fordead 1 and 2, gear of war series, halo, great rpgs in lost oddsey and tales of vesperia and many more for each console. Fanboys don't pay off but gamers do. Can't forget the original mass effect or mgs4. I also loved Kameo and heavenly sword.
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dotarray  +   826d ago
Oh wow, that site... three auto-playing video ads on load? I understand everybody's gotta pay the bills, but still. Ouch.
Sony360  +   825d ago
Firefox + adblock plus = no video adverts.
birdykilla  +   826d ago | Well said
Left 4 Dead 3
Tutorial on how to play for them noobs
Better lighting usage
Make it Scary
Full open world with missions like GTA
A.I. director the ceilings the limit
Create a character mode
Add your voice to character
New characters plus old ones all playable
RPG leveling type system.
longer not just from safehouses but the number of campaigns
Make it for PS3!

Again it needs to be on the PS3!
Left 4 Dead 3 on PS3!
Tr10wn  +   825d ago
"Full open world with missions like GTA"

"longer not just from safehouses but the number of campaigns"

that didnt make sense at all, just get DI instead because thats what you want.
STONEY4  +   825d ago | Well said
You completely butchered the gameplay and style of Left 4 Dead. That's like wanting Uncharted 4 to be an open-world co-op FPS focused on multiplayer.

Left 4 Dead is a co-op arcade shooter. That part doesn't need to change. All I want from Left 4 Dead 3 is a new set of maps, preferably in a new setting like dense cities or an eastern country. New weapons, new special infected, more consumables, and new gameplay elements.

That's basically what L4D2 did, and it definitely didn't feel like an expansion like I was expecting.
birdykilla  +   826d ago
I'll take any Left 4 Dead on PS3.
MrGunny94  +   826d ago
YOUR ARGUMENT is INVALID! Valve doesn't knows how to count to 3
CustardTrout  +   825d ago
"Oh have they announced L4D3?"
No someone guy is saying they probably will. It's like saying there will be a new Mario at some point.
Proeliator  +   825d ago
Oh look, yet another horribly misleading title that gets approved on N4G.
GamingPerson  +   825d ago
If valve doesn't bring dlc console version will be dead in the water. Custom maps on pc <3
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WitWolfy  +   825d ago
the first L4D was awesome but short! If they could add like 8-12 campaigns instead of 4 I'd buy it in a heart beat.
Lucretia  +   825d ago
lame, the game is no good, its insanely easy, repetitive, only worth playing onreally hard, looks like it coulda launched on the original xbox, places clunky and stuff.

just dont see how the guys who made half life made this.

and if it wasnt for the zombie fad then no one would like this. any survival horror that gives you unlimited pistol ammo while dual wielding is pathetic, not to mention bashing the zombies works better than shooting them

the only time the game is tough is when you fight a tank, otherwise the game is made for people to feel good about killing a bunch of zombies.

I call it Dynasty Warriors UNDEAD "With guns"
antz1104  +   825d ago
Wow, this is probably the FURTHEST thing from Dynasty Warriors. Did you really play it?
Lucretia  +   825d ago
lol DUDE hahahah, I didnt say it was dynasty warriors lol, Yes i played part 1 and 2. never beat them though, just played with friends a bit.

I compared to dynasty warriors because its a swarm of easy to kill enemies that pose no threat until you get to a boss.

haha to think you took that part of the comment literal.

Did you even read the rest of my comment? :P
antz1104  +   825d ago
Lol thb I read it but just figured it lost all credibility when you said it isnt tough unless you're fighting the tank. Well sure.....if its on easy. Anything above normal and its really hard unless you have 4 ppl, and even then its a bloodbath where you're clawing to win. So to me the Dynasty Warriors remark was just the icing on the Stupid Comment Cake. ":P"
NYC_Gamer  +   825d ago
L4D never caught my attention to be honest....
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Lucretia  +   825d ago
it caught mine because i thought it was gonna be a fun game to play with my fiance since it was coop.......But its better if this game is Left for dead........Get it? lol
SuperStrokey1123  +   825d ago
Im hoping we see L4D3 on the next gen systems myself, in the first year would be great.
belal  +   825d ago
if this came to the ps3, i would buy it instantly. One of the games i enjoy on 360.
Wizziokid  +   825d ago
When they make 3 I'm going to say it will be coming to PS3, queue E3 2012 reveal
Jason143  +   825d ago
lame article
hadouken007  +   825d ago
I got part two on ps3....it. should have stayed on 360
goldwyncq  +   825d ago
How bout half life 2 ep.3 first?
Megaman_nerd  +   825d ago
and where's the PS3 version?
Bob570  +   825d ago
Please no.

L4D1 was nothing short of incredible, I honestly can't describe just how awesome it was playing through that game with friends for the first time. But L4D2 added way too much crap, and they lost the atmosphere. Killing zombies became a joke, instead of going "OH S*** I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!" it became a "Hahaha I blew him apart!" Even the music made it seem like a joke.

If they can re-capture the feelings and atmosphere of L4D1, then I'm all for this. But honestly, I'd rather have another Half-Life game.
birdykilla  +   825d ago
I would just like something a little different than going from safehouse to safehouse this time around and something like an open world GTA if done right in L4D could be awesome you my friend have no imagination. The levels could still be all claustrophobic, but way bigger without safehouses and you win by completing GTA like missions. L4D is one of my all time fav games.

Also Dead Island is $20 at gamestop right now so I'm going to try it out.
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