Apple Teaming With Famed Designer On A “Revolutionary” Product

GameBlurb writes, "Apple, a major designing innovator in their own right, are teaming with famed French designer Philippe Starck to bring the world something truly revolutionary..."

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Gordo7892433d ago

I don't think Apple really caused the death of the music CD. It seems like file-sharing did that. Anyway, Apple has never cared about games except for on their iOS devices. I don't see them bringing anything new or revolutionary to console or even computer gaming.

tonecluster2433d ago

The apple hype machine is at it again. On another note, it would be interesting to see developers team up with artists in this way. Personally, I would love to see a collaboration between Sony and Murakami.

Crap_Turtle2433d ago

Its a stupid rumor from an out of touch joke

AtomicGerbil2433d ago

Apple and innovator should not share a sentence. The only revolutionary thing they are capable of is making existing tech look pretty and convincing people it's a must have over similar or better and cheaper competition.

RevXM2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

This changes everything again.


hehe, yeah its not a 100% accurate comparison, but admit it you laughed. On the other hand "this changes everything again" is well not exactly true either.

Not saying Apple can't make a revolusionary product, but I'd be taking their words with a grain of salt.