Dragon's Dogma Cockatrice gameplay trailer

GameDynamo - The Dragon's Dogma demo is hitting Xbox 360 and PS3 starting on April 24th. To get you primed for it, here's the Cockatrice gameplay trailer.

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camel_toad2408d ago

Ooo please be good. Looking more and more promising. I like that you can climb some of the bosses - wouldnt expect that in an rpg.

Captain Qwark 92408d ago

if hes that mad in April, imagine how mad that turkey will be during thanksgiving!!!!!

serious note though, still looking great. cant wait to try the demo

GamingPerson2408d ago

The amount of fried chicken you could make after an epic battle would be insane!

Burning_Finger2408d ago

The only bad thing about it that it's being developed by Capcom.