Rumor/Speculation from CES Show floor: Paramount might have 2 Escape Clauses?

According to a poster on NeoGaf, who has associates in the CE business who are in Vegas right now for CES show. They indicate their may be another escape clause in the contract pertaining to sales that might kick in for Paramount though. If HD DVD sales totally crater as expected after the Warner announcement, they may have another opportunity for an early out, but that would likely be based on quarterly sales targets, if his speculation is correct, and still wouldn't likely kick in until the end of the next quarter, at earliest.

All of them thought it was more likely that Universal would jump before Paramount, and that was the main reason they were surprised by the news when it came out. According to them, nobody in Vegas would be very surprised to see Universal jump at any point now.

According to everyone I've spoken to so far, the main impression among everybody in Vegas is that it is all over for HD DVD. Buyers for retailers are telling them this too, which is significant.

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whoelse3991d ago

Does this mean both clauses have to be completed or only need 1 or the other?

Cyrus3653991d ago

To me if this speculation or rumor is true, I think it means Paramount has 2 oppturnity to escape should they choose to.

One that we all know about, that they can escape should Warner go BLu-Ray Exclusive, which won't happen till May 2008 (So that' the earliest I guess Paramount can go blu-ray).

Or Should HD-DVD sales either disc sales or Standalone players start heading south in a big way, then paramount can also opt out then. But again like the rumor says this will likely not happen till the quarterly reports, ie. end of march.

But it shall be interesting in the coming weeks, how the news of Warner going Blu-Ray has affected the sales of Blu-Ray devices and Discs in the meanwhile, and as well on Hd-DVD.

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mighty_douche3991d ago

GET OUT!!! while you can....

unlimited3991d ago

They will go to Blu camp because everywhere i go people is actually dumping HDDVD. Sales is going to drop big time..

mullet3991d ago

HD-DVD will soon be buried and crapped on.

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