Signed In #91: FEZ / Kinect Star Wars / Silent Hill: Downpour

Worry no longer folks, the gang’s all here! The show opens with a bunch of Indy games including WoOOPuP!, Little Racers Street, Mega City, Septipus: Tentacle Apocalypse, and Quiet, Please!. Craig goes to hell with Diabolical Pitch, Jeremy and Craig get back to the basics with Pinball Arcade, Sean and Craig get beat up in Skullgirls, Craig goes on a run of XBLA releases with The Splatters, World Gone Sour, and Anomaly Warzone Earth, and everyone’s heads are set spinning with the wondrous FEZ. Sean checks out the Blades of Time demo, Sean and Craig dig deeper into Asura’s Wrath with some new DLC, Sean gives some quick thoughts on his time with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Kinect Star Wars, and Jeremy struggles to get into the mindset to enjoy Silent Hill: Downpour.

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