Editorial: The EA Hate Train and the Problem with the Gaming Community

The hottest opinion these days is that EA is awful. Significantly worse than the Bank of America. Most members of the gaming community, far and wide wouldn’t dare refute this, and those that do would probably face damning consequences. But is this anger misplaced? More importantly, is it even relevant?

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Snookies122409d ago

Not nearly as bad as Capcom haha.

woozle2409d ago

Oh god yes. Capcom seems to go out of their way to make people mad.

Snookies122409d ago

Yeah, I think they just want to see just how much they can get away with... XD

vortis2409d ago

LOL, no one thinks EA is worse than Bank of America, most people are just happy EA won "Worst in America" because they knew EA is small enough to be affected by the negative press where-as Bank of America would shrug it off and keep on raping consumer's wallets like no tomorrow.

Megaton2408d ago

Pretty much. It gives recognition to a largely-unknown villain. Everyone with a pulse knows Bank of America is a terrible company.

susanto12282408d ago

EA deserves all the HATe in the world from gamers.

KingPin2408d ago

i dont get the EA hate.
if you dont like their products, dont buy it. dont buy it and whine about it afterwards. its not like they the only ones making that type of specific game. for every EA game im sure you'll find an alternative game out there.

Battlefield = Modern Warfare
FIFA = Pro Evolution
NFS = Juiced
etc etc.

i think Activision has more bitch moves than EA. one example is they want you to get online passes for single player content.

vega2752408d ago

EA deserves every ounce of hate it gets over the years of mistreatment to their fans and the businesses it buys out and runs them into the ground. People can talk about capcom and activision all they like. But they still don't hold a candle to EA shaddy practice. Even though capcom is trying hard to get next years worst company in America award.

When these two company start preventing other devs from make fighter games and FPS then I'll put them up their with EA. As far as activision keep releasing CoD every year. Its nothing different then what EA did with football,soccer and NBA live. (even thought it couldn't compete with 2k basketball)

I admit they may not be worst than bank of America. But they are a cancer in the game industry no less and they deserve the hate they receive and there no amount of damage control articles is going to change that. Only EA can

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