GNT Review: Need for Speed Shift 2

GNT: I have to be honest – when I purchased Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed back in March last year, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the experience. Clunky controls, poor presentation, and generally a myriad of technical issues really left me feeling let down. In fact, I returned the game the very same week. However, now that the game is available for free on Playstation Plus, I figured it can’t hurt to give it a fair shot and a review.

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mokopa2403d ago

What I like about SHIFT2 is the sound track, which were remastered for the game. No game compares to the sound tracks. Reminds me of the old underground sound tracks.

What I hate about shift is the robotic AI. They will bump you intentionally, you slide, while they get away.

If the AI slide, they will cach you miles away and overtake you like nothing.

Once an AI car overtakes you, catching them is impossable. The only way is to late break.