FuturLab on Digital Distribution: ‘PlayStation Network is superior’

Ahead of the forthcoming launch of the PlayStation Minis title, Velocity, James Marsden, Managing Director of FuturLab, took some time to answer some questions put to him by your very own Electronic Theatre. While there was much discussion of the Velocity videogame itself, Marsden was also keen to offer an opinion on the various distribution channels available to an independent developer, singing the praises of the PlayStation Network.

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KMCROC542432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

James Marsden, Managing Director of FuturLab,slurp,slurp, zip. Am done Mister Kaz Hirai .

JBSleek2432d ago

It may be more open but I wouldn't say it is superior at all. It has vastly improved but to call it better is bias and disingenuous to the competition which forced PEN/SEN to improve.

Cosmo8112432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

You're wrong. Saying a service is superior to another service is not bias, it's preference. As for my own opinion, I greatly prefer PSN (Or PSN+ at any rate) over XBL Gold. I get far more value for my money, that's all there is to it. Last week they literally gave away Need for Speed Shift, and they do loads of freebies, discounts etc. The only thing I miss is voice chat which I never use anyway.

Karlnag32432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Exactly, this quote is 100% correct. Do you not remember when sony digitally distributed all their users account information, completely for free?!

And to those whose butts just got hurt, I own every current gen system and prefer my PS3 and vita over the others. They're all good though. I'm also a PS+ subscriber, but disagree and rape my bubbles if you must :)

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32432d ago

That game you think you got for free will disappear as soon as your membership is over.

TekoIie2432d ago

I think that if people are willing to overlook the fact that you pay for XBL they would find it MUCH better. When we add in the cost it comes down to personal preference on whether you get your moneys worth.

Cosmo8112432d ago

That's a MIGHTY IF. That "If" is one of the single biggest deciding factors in choosing PSN or XBL. One does not simply overlook it. And I don't even believe it comes down to personal preference. The only thing that I, on PSN+, don't get that XBL Gold members have is voice chat with another friend while playing separate games. But you know what I have that they don't? Fuckloads of the most ridiculously awesome deals around. Red Dead Redemption + All DLC for £14.99. Need for Speed Shift: Free. Sly Cooper 1: Free. Far Cry 2: £7.99. Killzone 3 Multiplayer: £7.99. Journey: £9.99. Trine 2: free. Tomb Raider Anniversary: Free. Burnout Paradise: Free. Shank 2: Free. Rainbow Six Vegas 1, 2, and GRAW2 for £6.64 each, plus exclusive themes, beta access and more. All this without having to deal with shitty 12 year old tweens telling me how much of a noob I am and how they f*cked my mum last night, plus online storage for my saved data that doesn't have the same crappy data limits as my Xbox which is now gathering dust.

Now that I've put my argument forward, I'd like to hear someone ACTUALLY engage in a civil discussion over it, rather than going "LOL PS3", clicking disagree and moving on. I did not click disagree on yours because I find that those buttons are a sure way to remove any possibility of discussion.

TheRealHeisenberg2432d ago

@ Cosmo811

I happen to agree with most of what you say here. I can't speak on the current benefits of PS+ because I do not have a subscription but I sure as hell enjoyed it when it was free after last year's PSN fiasco, however, I can speak on my experience with PSN vs XBL.

I do prefer PSN over XBL simply based on what I get for free. On XBL, I lost multiplayer access once I let my Gold subscription expire. It had nothing to do with cost because the fee is not even a drop in the bucket for me. I just felt cheated so to speak. So many things I can't do on my 360 without Live Gold. I think XBL is great service just not necessarily a great value.

As for "having to deal with shitty 12 year old tweens telling me how much of a noob I am and how they f*cked my mum last night."

Now while I have dealt with this more on XBL, it has occurred to me on PSN several times. Maybe more kids have mics on XBL than on PSN, maybe not. Either way the mute function worked really well.

DarkSniper2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Dark Sniper wholeheartedly agrees with Mr. James Marsden. With the numerous amounts of content and available consumer options, PlayStation Network gives you the most complete online infrastructure out of all the current and future consoles right now.

Unlike most companies, Sony cares about the customers and developers. Which is why PSN has received universal praise amongst both sides of the spectrum. Whether you are a brand new or recurring PS3/Vita consumer or one of the many talented developers within Sony Computer Entertainment, you will be treated to the most absolute grand scale of online socializing and gaming. All free of charge.

With open source development, PSN gives developers the opportunity to realize their grandest dreams through SCE's convenient and intuitive software development kits.

Dark Sniper is ecstatic to see the future of PSN as we embark to the next generation. This will be an exciting time to witness the future change before our very eyes.

Welcome to the Sony online ecosystem.


TekoIie2432d ago

Your so awesome :3... I wanna do your shopping for you!

enfestid2432d ago

enfestid wonders why DarkSniper is speaking in third-person. Does DarkSniper know something enfestid does not? enfestid can't figure out the purpose of speaking like this.

THC CELL2432d ago

dust514,mag and many other games proves that psn/sen is the best or u would see dust on xbox

TekoIie2432d ago

Fanboy much??? What do you know about dust hmm?? Also what do you know of EVE online cuz based on your comment you most likely know nothing...

Dust is a very innovative title but if it flops then its gonna be a big hit to EVE so i hope you make sure you get you Fanboy friends to support it cuz i personally will be dissapointed if my corp cant invade planets :/

MrDead2432d ago

Read the article as the title is a classic N4G child rage provoker only half the quote is used.

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