Kingdom Hearts 3D's Soundtrack Perfectly Embodies the Series' Spirit

1UP - Jeremy Parish writes: "I don't know if you remember when the original Kingdom Hearts was first announced, but it seemed like an impossibly off-the-wall concept: Final Fantasy character designer Tetsuya Nomura, heading up a collaborative action RPG that would smash together Square's tentpole franchise and Walt Disney movies, of all things. The combination worked, although since the first chapter the series has strayed further and further into its own strange territory with the Heartless and the Nobodies and, with the upcoming Dream Drop Distance for 3DS, the Dream Eaters. As we continue to wait for Kingdom Hearts III, the spin-offs grow ever more recursive (not to mention confusing)."

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Snookies122409d ago

It really does have some great music... Love the remixed L'Impeto Oscuro and L'Oscurita Dell'Ignoto. Wonderful revisions of previous song entries that go so well with the corresponding battles.

PshycoNinja2408d ago

I love Kingdom Hearts music. So much hope and emotion in the music. It is some of the best music in the industry.

TheUnbiasedLion2407d ago

Whe i first heard the song on KH1 i was hooked - Utada Hikaru (simple and clean -techno remix)

Ever since KH i have cared a great deal about game sound tracks and this new one for 3DS while a bit techno still has that feel of a classic and make you reminisant!