Microsoft and partners announce "Care Consoles" for hospitals

Jan. 7, 2008 - Microsoft, Cerner and Spectrum Health announce a collaboration in developing the Cerner Care Console, a "consumer-centric technology that empowers patients to take an active role in their care."

The console, powered by Microsoft Xbox 360 and Windows Media Center, let patients benefit from communication tools easily accessible at the bedside that range from access to their daily care plan to reviewing radiology images to diversional activities such as e-mail, music, movies and video games...

Features of the Care Console system include:

• My Health Notes
• My Education
• My Care Team
• My Schedule
• My Hospital
• My Opinion
• My Entertainment

The new Care Console system will be displayed today in the Microsoft booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 7-10.

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ktchong3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

That Microsoft really has Wii-envy...

and Microsoft wants a piece of the healthcare action like the Wii is having!

... but it's not a Wii... and it has no Wii-mote... and the control confuses and strain the hell out of patients...


AzaziL3995d ago

That would be a pretty scary sight, especially knowing sooner or later you'll see the red ring of, well you know what.

BloodySinner3995d ago

That comment was humorous. I won't deny that.

mighty_douche3995d ago

ahhh they can play 360 while [email protected] saves their life....

JBaby3433995d ago

That gave me a laugh. Bubbles for you.

jorellpogi3995d ago

Nice one mighty_douche! LOL

ktchong3995d ago

Folding has been on the PC scene for years. So is Sony just trying to get on the healthcare bandwagon as well to get good buzz and marketing?

BloodySinner3995d ago

"ahhh they can play 360 while [email protected] saves their life..." - Well, at least you know which console has the games to play. Hahahaha...

BrianC62343994d ago

That's what I was thinking. [email protected] is doing lots of great work. Microsoft must have looked into how they can make themselves look good too. Lets make some crappy terminal. We can use all those screwed up 260s everyone is sending back. If these sick people get the RROD on a free terminal what are they going to do to us?

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chrno63995d ago

Good MS, but make sure that it doesn't rrod and give patients a heart attack.

HuntTheWumpus3995d ago

This seems like an excellent offering. Why do you people have to turn a great opportunity for sick kids to play games and take their minds off their illness into a "slam the 360 again" comments section.

BrianC62343994d ago

Because Microslop deserves it, that's why. They found a way to ditch all those broken down 360s that had the RROD. Just repair them really quick and give them away. And write them off as charity too. The other way to get rid of them would be pay to dump them in a trash dump.

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The story is too old to be commented.