XBox 720: What Devs Think It’ll Do

We hear what the Xbox 720 will be capable of from some of the industry’s top developers, who took time out from their busy schedules to talk to 360 Magazine.

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jimmins2381d ago

I think it'll do graphics.

exsturminator012381d ago

I'm crossing my fingers for something involving grilled ham and cheese. I keep expecting these new consoles to have a feature that makes sandwiches, but each E3 leaves me more pessimistic about this dream. Mark my words though, if any of the big 3 DO finally step up and deliver on a sandwich front (which based on the rumored specs, they just might!), they will DOMINATE this next generation. An integrated toaster next to the GPU for grilled cheese would annihilate the competition at launch. The other companies will probably release a peripheral to compensate a year or two after release, but it'll only produce cold-cuts and PB&J's since generating toasty levels of heat outside the device would probably start fires. Either way, this next-gen could be the biggest EVER! I just hope they stick with wheat bread; white bread always tastes like bleach to me.

Oh, and as a final note: it will probably do graphics too. Maybe AI if the there's room for it in the budget after sandwiches, but I don't think anyone's expecting the jump between this gen and the next to be THAT big, lol

LivingTribunal2381d ago

I think it'll play games...

JellyJelly2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

I think it'll play games.

*edit* - I 5 mins late and failed. :(

yess2381d ago

I think it'll be hot;)

kma2k2381d ago

Like many gamers my first & foremost concern is that is will turn on!

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