Sorcery Story Trailer

Sony has released a new video for Sorcery, its upcoming PlayStation Move exclusive game.

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Godchild10202316d ago

After watching that I understand why I want to play this game. Looks good and I hope the game play and controls are as well.

Hopefully the move set comes out along with this game and they do one with the PS3. May will be a great month for gaming.

francknara62316d ago

2011 is far... Sony exclusives this year are not quiet as exciting, hope E3 will bring surprises.

hulk_bash19872316d ago

Agreed, though the year is still early. I hope Sony pulls the lid off of the exclusives this E3. Here's hoping for some gameplay footage of The Last of Us, The Last Guardian and Agent.

Acquiescence2316d ago

if that cat turns into a human at the end.

GribbleGrunger2316d ago

SONY!! learn to advertise for GOD SAKE!!!

for anyone who missed it, this is a MOVE title... you know, that thing that rolled for about 2 seconds at the end of the trailer. rubbish

Rainstorm812316d ago

I agree this game looks like it can be amazing and define the PS move but they barely hinted at it being a move game til the controller rolled out.

This game has come a long way and is looking good hopefully it gets recognition and sparks more unique move development

neutralgamer192316d ago

Im on this day one no questions asked. Also waiting for resistance for my vita, gravity rush/daze and a few other games.