Skyrim DLC: Bethesda Teases New Screen, More Info This Week

Bethesda has teased the first image of what appears to be Skyrim DLC, along with the tagline 'Tomorrow'. NowGamer does some investigating to see what it could be about.

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TimmyShire2406d ago

I'm suspcious of this to be honest. That doesn't look like Skyrim at all.

xPhearR3dx2406d ago

Yeah, it doesn't look very Skyrim-y. Who knows though. All I know is anything + Bethesda = me excited.

Nimblest-Assassin2406d ago

Im putting my hate on Skyrim on PS3 away for a second, because this does not look like Skyrim at all. Infact, it almost looks like a different engine, more detail on the character than in skyrim.

My guess hopefully is Fallout 4... which I will not make the mistake of buying on PS3, since bethesda does not give a sh*t about PS3 users, and the mod community will treat me better.

GamingPerson2406d ago

it probably a trailer pic.

Drake1172406d ago

I don't c this being in game footage of any game lol it looks way too good. prob a cut scene or trailer of sorts. I don't think its ES either, not alot of cut scenes in those games.

Awesome-Xanto2406d ago

Looks like Skyrim to me, the main dude looks like a lot of characters found in the game... possibly the dovahkiin in the lore. And the other dude in the shadows looks like a Thalmor agent... he seems to have pointy ears and a big collar which is what the Thalmor wizards have.

Graphics wise this is clearly CGI, not in-game so it wouldn't look like Skyrim. Probably from a trailer.

Drake1172405d ago

I would take that lol. Def could b a cgi trailer for skyrim.

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kevinsheeks2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

just a little reading

it's a screen from a upcoming game called dishorned

Dishonored, Bethesda's newly-announced action-adventure, positions itself as something different. Led by Thief designer Harvey Smith together with Arkane head Raphael Colantonio and Viktor Antonov (who designed City 17 for Half-Life 2), the new project offers a fairly boilerplate story, featuring regal betrayal and supernatural powers. However, developer Arkane intends to use this setup – you play as a framed bodyguard who's secretly a master of stealth, and even more secretly a talented magician – to make Dishonored more interesting than the standard sneaking-and-neck-breaking fare.

Rather than grouping player abilities into standard healing/damage/manipulation categories, a la Bethesda's own Elder Scrolls series, Arkane equips players with more open-ended powers designed to encourage creative problem-solving. The studio says that enemy AI is strong enough to allow tactics like distracting or overwhelming enemies (remember, giving a computer human fallibility is much harder than just making it really clever) and that environments are interactive enough to figure into complex, player-driven strategies. This in turn feeds into a “chaos” system, which tracks the player's collateral damage and alters the story accordingly

yog-sothot2406d ago

I don't know if this picture is Dishonored-related but this game is very high on my most anticipated game list !

-Gespenst-2406d ago

Wow that sounds sick. To be honest that'd be more on my radar than Skyrim dlc. 216 hours of Skyrim calls for a long break.

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Kanzes2406d ago

Deep inside, I really hope this is RAGE2 or Fallout 4 :|

mynameisEvil2406d ago

If it's Fallout 4 (which I find hard to believe, looking at it), I'd much rather it go into Obsidian's hands. From what I've seen from getting both F03 and FNV at launch, I'd say it'll be less buggy and it'll be faithful to lore.

Come on, Bethesda. Stick with Elder Scrolls. Let Obsidian hold Fallout...

mistajeff2406d ago

^^yes, definitely. Fallout 3 is very out of place, it feels like a non-canonical spin-off more than anything. They definitely didn't handle the lore well, and the quests themselves were mostly quite linear with little consequence (except for megaton). Also New Vegas had much better characters.

SneeringImperialist2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I seriously hope Bethesda develop FO4, New Vegas didn't even compare to FO3, staying true to the lore is almost the only advantage NV has over FO3, 3 was a much better game in every aspect.

MattyG2406d ago

@TheATIGuy i hope Bethesda develops it too. I don't know why, but NV didn't feel like the environment had suffered a nuclear halocaust. It felt like Nevada but a little run down. FO3 is by far my favorite of the two.

mistajeff2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Fallout 3's narrative definitely didn't feel like a fallout narrative, it felt like an Elder Scrolls narrative. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, it's just very out of place in a fallout game. The main story consisted of following one basic path to a final objective, rather than letting you forge your own path however the hell you want to. Part of the fun of Fallout was figuring out how the hell you were ever going to accomplish what you needed to do.

The New Vegas area didn't get hit by any nukes, so it was in line with the lore. It's more of a post-post-apocalyptic game, which is a logical extension of the state of things in the west in fallout 2, 40 years prior. Fallout 3 had a fantastic atmosphere, but it didn't make sense for being 200 years after the war. Fallout 1 was 80 years after the war, and even Boneyard, which was right next to a MASSIVE crater on the world map, had an established (although subjugated, unless you chose to intervene) society. People were growing crops.

MattyG2406d ago

@mistajeff Ohh I didn't realize the nukes didn't hit NV. Theres one thing that I can't stand about both games though and the is the color pallet. Gray for FO3 and orange for NV. Maybe it's just how the FO series does it, but I played FO1 and there seemed to be a decent amount of variety in color.

mistajeff2405d ago

Yeah I definitely agree. The first mod I installed for NV adjusted the lighting and really brought out a lot of vibrant color. It's actually a really colorful game, they just seem to use this muted filter or something that tones it all down.

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