Legend of Grimrock Review - Saving Content

Excerpt: "The game is full of anecdotes to tell, such as the time I lured snails to a trap door, yielding no XP for me and my party – but giving me a Grinch-like smile from ear to ear as I tricked these foes into a trap. Or perhaps the time I walked into a room, stepped on a pressure plate that locked me into a room and was assault by enemies from all angles. Retrying the scenario, I threw a rock onto the pressure plate, having the gate close in our face and then able to kill them one by one. These scenarios happen quite often, and are almost essential to your success and to reduce casualties and maintain inventory. Close a gate on an enemy, rest, and resume combat to your advantage. This doesn’t make the game easy as you will not always have a safe haven to retreat to or a way to outsmart the enemy."

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Perjoss2433d ago

I'm glad this is getting such great reviews.

sonicsidewinder2433d ago

Is it really that good???

I may yet make the journey out of Grimrock!

BraveToaster2433d ago

This is definitely one of the best games I have played in a long time. It is worth way more than $15. I would be happy paying $30. I can't quite say $60 because I haven't finished it yet, so I don't know how long it is. I can't wait until some new dungeons come out, or user made dungeons :).