GNT Podcast Episode 1

GNT: GameOn is your gaming and fitness podcast.

Today’s episode includes:

- GameNTrain contributor Adam Carr takes a look at the Best and Worst PS Vita launch titles.

- Jeff Johnson interviews Lance Mueller about his internship with Relic Entertainment.

- Lyndsay Hannusch talks about one of the latest entries in the fitness gaming library.

- Kyle Fairney takes a look at stand-out classic hits with Blast from the Past.

- Killing Time with Kyle Born – Kyle and Jeff look at Mass Effect addiction.

- GameNTrain contributor Langel DeKock with a look into the World of Warcraft.

- Jeff Johnson interviews world champion fitness model Laurie Dickson about her upcoming book.

- A live performance of Build That Wall and Setting Sail, Coming Home from the Bastion Soundtrack.

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