Buffest Guys in Gaming

The video game industry is a place for the toughest of though, the strongest of strong; the characters on our favorite games are burly, they are big and they know how to use the power they have to the fullest extent. Nobody likes to play a game where the characters are wimpy, that’s why so many games feature the toughest guys out there! Who doesn’t like to feel badass while they're defeating enemy after enemy? This world full of though characters really makes player start to wonder, who is the strongest of them all. The question on comparison of actual strength may never be answered, however, who is the buffest can! Out of all the games on the market who is the buffest character of them all?...

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TheSuperior 2408d ago

lol i love the main picture. Mario wouldnt be the buffest character i could think of but i guess right here he is! hahaha

TheGrimBunny2408d ago

Hairy chest much on that front image. Lolz.

TheSuperior 2408d ago

lol mario beefed up x) peach will be happy to see that

abombletap2408d ago

The front image is pretty awesome. Gears guys win this crown

TheSuperior 2408d ago

the gears guys are just strangly huge for some reason lol i guess it just adds character to the game x)


Pretty good selection but you can't forget Mike Hagar...I think that's his name

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