Are We Ready for a New Crysis Game?

Yes, Crysis 3 has been officially announced by EA and Crytek, but what's the selling point? Surely not next-gen graphics, as we have those already.

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NYC_Gamer2433d ago

Part 2 was just a bad game in my opinion..... hopefully Crytek can improve on all the faults and produce something worth buying...

two things that need serious attention


xPhearR3dx2433d ago

I don't think it was a bad game, but it could have been better.

BraveToaster2433d ago

If you haven't played the first one then the second isn't a bad game. If you have played the first then it's pretty crappy.

xRyan2433d ago

I agree, the 2nd game was over hyped. This 3rd one looks like it will be more like the first, which is good

ThaTruthMVP2433d ago

I plan to get deep into FarCry 3. This is may be a little soon

Dark112433d ago

No , but they going to milk it anyway.

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