Blame Game But Syndicates Sales Stay The Same

Ben Quy from reacts to the news released today by Starbreeze CEO Mikeal Nermark citing GAME's financial woes in February as the reason for Syndicates Poor Sales.

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stevenhiggster2404d ago

No, making a poor rip off of Deus Ex and using the name of a game that has about as much in common with your game as I do with Brad Pitt (we're both men and that's about it) lead to your poor sales.

Skate-AK2403d ago

Man this guy is really talking bad about Syndicate. I heard it actually wasn't that bad.

Ministerb2403d ago

I played Syndicate it was truly awful

hazelamy2403d ago

well who decided not to let Game sell the game then?

and don't blame the game for it's poor sales, because that would never do, blame somebody else, always somebody else.