Do Steam Sales and Indie Bundles Devalue Games?


There are certain guarantees in life. For me, one of them is that anytime a Humble Indie Bundle or a big Steam sale pops up, I'm going to spend some money. At this point it's become a reflex; I may not have time to play whatever it is I'm going to buy, but when you can get quality games for so cheap I find it hard to say no. These events may only come a few times a year, though at any given time you can head over to Steam (or GamersGate, Impulse, et al) and find any number of games heavily discounted. Roughly two dozen games are on sale on Steam right this very second, including Arcania: Gothic 4 for $4.99 (75% off), the Cities in Motion Collection for $13.99 (65% off), and Sniper Elite for $2.50 (75% off). This is great news for gamers, right? Games can be picked up for a fraction of their regular prices, developers make some money, and everyone is surely better off. Or are they?

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NYC_Gamer2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Nope,the sales actually make gamers buy bundles in bulk...studios wouldn't agree to allow their game to be in the pack if they weren't making solid profit.

MostJadedGamer2435d ago

I only buy retail games. If a publisher or developer don't care enough about their product to put it on a disk then it it is not worth playing as far as I am concerned.

Also why would you buy games in bulk. That is just dumb. The best way to get the most out of your games is to buy one game at a time so you can totally focus on that game.

sticky doja2435d ago

Who cares about disks anymore. They just take up space or are used for coasters. Steam lets you play your games on any PC. Did your PC fry in the lightning storm? Well your entire gaming library is just a download away once you install steam on your new PC.

And I would buy games in bulk because it makes economic sense to do so. Sure I could buy GTA, GTA 2, GTA 3, GTAVC, GTASA, GTA 4 and episodes all one at a time at a retail store (if you can even find over half of those games anymore) and pay upwards of $100. Or I could buy them all in a Steam sale bundle for $8 total. Hmmmm... what to do.

dirthurts2435d ago

Nope. In my eyes, the increase the value. Games I wouldn't normally buy, I'll pick up if the price is right.

sticky doja2435d ago

No they don't. If it weren't for steam sales I would never buy most of the games I have on my PC. Many games are still being sold years after their release with the money going directly into the developers pockets and not some second hand shop like Gamestop. I personally would never have played or bought 99% of all indie PC games had it not been for steam sales.

MostJadedGamer2435d ago

I gave up on PC games a very long time agao. I stick only to consoles, and buy almost exclusively from Gamestop.

sticky doja2435d ago

We are going in opposite direction you and I. I used to game exclusively on consoles from NES on up to current gen. I still have my PS3 and 360 but gave away my Wii to my nephew. I bought a gaming PC a couple of years back that was to good of a deal to pass up and have since been focusing most of my gaming time on PC. I just bought a new 7850 GPU and play in my recliner on my 52" 1080p plasma with a wireless mouse and keyboard or a 360 remote connected to my PC playing games with graphics that blow anything my PS3 or 360 can do out of the water. All at a cool 60fps.

kevnb2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

gross. I can live with consoles, but buying from gamestop makes me sad.

aquamala2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

If you gave up pc gaming a long time ago you probably never even used Steam, then why bother commenting on this article?

kevnb2435d ago

what it does is give me something better than the piratebay can.