Crytek: Crysis 3 is as wide as Crysis 1, as tall as Crysis 2

OXM UK: "Much as we adored Crysis 2, we'll admit that it lacked a certain girth in comparison to the first Crysis. The bust-up New York setting afforded plenty of things to jump on, but when it came to lateral movement, the options were limited. Crysis 3, thankfully, has other ideas."

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Frankfurt2353d ago

Psycho being back (he'll be what, 50?) and ditching the god-awful Crysis 2, BF3-style linearity are good news.

RedDead2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Believe it when I see it.

I bet the tall buildings will be inaccessible and well..useless obstacles.

FinaLXiii2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

That´s good to hear and hopefully the enemy AI is actually decent.

dirigiblebill2353d ago

I didn't have any real problems with the AI. Sure, you'd occasionally see somebody running into a wall, but that goes for most sandbox shooters. No such thing as a bug-free game and all that.

ninjahunter2353d ago

What they are saying is conflicting with the screenshots, Im still under the impression were seeing a crysis 2 with vegetation. But they have plenty of time to prove me wrong.

jthamind2353d ago

i hope this game pushes PC hardware to the limits.

turgore2353d ago

me too, but I doubt it.

Anon19742353d ago

I doubt it as well. The reality is that it hasn't been about limited hardware for some time now. The developers are the bottleneck. You can have the best hardware in the world but if you don't have the talent, time, money or manpower to manage it, you're not going to be able to push the hardware. That's why I'm not in a hurry for a next console gen (and neither are developers for the most part). As it is now, few developers have the resources available to push console hardware. New hardware doesn't mean we're going to see some huge graphical leap in every game. If that were the case, it'd be happening on the PC right now, but aside from a couple of titles, what games really push PC hardware right now? Also, it's risky business for a developer to developer to sink millions on a exclusive PC title these days. Consoles are by far where the money is, which is an unfortunate reality for those who want to see their PC hardware maxed out.

NYC_Gamer2353d ago

Crysis 2 didn't even push the hardware it launched without dx11 support

xtreampro2353d ago

Push PC hardware in what way? You mean for them to release a heavily unoptimised mess like Crysis 1 that uses up all you PC's resources for nothing?

This is running on an updated CryEngine 3 which is basically a next-gen engine. Expect Crysis 3 to max out consoles (judging by the screenshots it looks 100x's better than TLOU) and expect it to look a generation ahead on PC.

Crysis 3 will without a doubt make full use of your PC hardware.

sprinterboy2353d ago

Rental for me, lost interest to much emphasis on nano suit. just my opinion.

h311rais3r2353d ago

Uh. Crysis has always been about the suit...

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The story is too old to be commented.