Dark Souls console DLC petition to reach its first milestone

Dark Souls DLC for PS360 was rumored a few month ago, so console users are eagerly waiting for an annoucement on NAMCO BANDAI's part. In the meantime, a petition on the popular website is just about to reach its first milestone with a thousand signatures.

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Ramas2431d ago

dlc or disc i dont care, but i want it on consoles, not pc.

RedDead2431d ago

I can't wait to get it on PC. Thank god no framerate drop in Blighttown, that was annoying

MAJ0R2431d ago

Any word on whether it will have Steam support?

TekoIie2431d ago

I think this is a case of people supporting the game (again) and Devs not showing their thanks...

Although this is another story about gamers believing they're entitled to something... again...

GamingPerson2431d ago

get a pc! play it without the frame rate dip!

GraveLord2431d ago

It's a little late isn't it? Anyway 1k signatures isn't really that much.

funkycoldmedina2431d ago

Like what the article mentions most DS console owners like myself just assume the additional content and PvP improvements are going to be made available through paid for DLC and an update patch.

I think FromSoftware hasn't made any console announcements yet, because the PvP improvements patch is probably still in testing for consoles. I'm glad a PC version is in the making, but hopefully all platforms get equal treatment.

Blitz0012431d ago

"but hopefully all platforms get equal treatment."

Bought all 3 versions of Demon's as they was released one after another, played hell out of DarkS, so I expect nothing less than equal treatment...otherwise...hopefu lly it won't come to that.

Arnon2431d ago

No, the reason it hasn't been announced (and possibly won't be announced for a very long time) is to give incentive to customers to purchase the Prepare to Die edition on PC, since it will have already came out 11 months ago when it releases.

Nevers2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

I've learned not to ass u me... all one can do is hope. I hope this is a PR F-up but I've learned in my many years that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So, I signed the petition... just as I signed the petition so PC gamers might possibly enjoy this amazing game. (Just keep your modded @$$3$ out of my corner of Lordran)

I'm happy for PC gamers that they got DaS to get ported for PC. However, I don't give a rats ass about their troubles with GFWL. At least they got an announcement.

I merely feel fooled cuz FromSoftware announced the announcement (which is another industry peeve) as something for the "fans" of the series... then didn't give any of the people who've supported FromSoft's Souls series anything worth celebrating. I don't like feeling the fool.

"oooooOOooo, Yay! I get to buy another copy" isn't a reason for me to be happy. I want the additional PC content made available for console DLC.

Q - Do I think the added content should be made available to the people who have monetarily supported this series from the beginning?

A - I sure as $#!7 do.

Q - Do I think I am entitled to it for free?

A - Hell, no! I'll buy that day one!!!

Q - Do I think FromSoftware should have announced it along with the PC version.

A - Very much so.

I think it's a bit ridiculous we have not heard anything official regarding DLC for consoles. Poorly played, From... poorly played.

"the reason it hasn't been announced (and possibly won't be announced for a very long time) is to give incentive to customers to purchase the Prepare to Die edition on PC" - Arnon

Valid business decision straight out of EA/Activision's handbooks. I would label this tactic, @$$hattery.

StrawberryDiesel4202431d ago

Just be patient, FromSoftware have not disappointed me yet and I guarantee the DLC is coming to consoles.

Lucretia2431d ago

Waaaaaant it! im gettin PC version anyway, but still!

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