CES 2008: New MGS4 Impressions

Via NeoGaf:

"What can I say? This game in INCREDIBLE. The first two things that really caught my attention was the lighting (sunlight looked like sunlight, shade looked like shade) and the sound. The demo had about 5 guns you could use and each one had a distinct sound to it that sounded truly authentic and visceral. After a quick tutorial from the Konami rep (who interestingly told me that the game was due Q2 2008 and that they were targeting 1080p)..."

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Hydrollex3970d ago

why people buy a PS3. seriously if this game was on 360 I would never buy it.

The Killer3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

i agree


i realized that in the last footages from CES there was some bug in the game, when sake was in some destroyed room the other side of the wall was some enemy soldiers and their machine-gun went through the wall to snakes side of the room i hope all these small bugs get fixed in the final version which i dont have any doubts about it!
here is the link
at second 9-10

Kleptic3970d ago

wait what?...if this game was only on the 360 I would be getting a 360 within the next or so, just make sure I was good and used to that controller before the game shipped...

agree though that if it was on both I would get it on the PS3...something about the dualshocks and MGS that just make me feel right at home...

on a side note...I will call it now...the game won't release Q2 2008...late Q3 is my guess...I would be very surprised if they launch it summer'ish...could happen, but I wouldn't put any money on it...

PS3n3603970d ago

are you saying the game isnt good enough to justify buying a 360 if it was exclusive to xbox? i thought this was a system seller, it shouldnt matter which system. You basically insulted the game. I have both systems and if it came out on both I would get it on 360 for the achievements. I am glad it is PS3 exclusive since my PS3 is very literally collecting dust atm other than the occasionaly divx via usb drive so I look forward to playing exclusive content.

game-over3969d ago

I read somewhere a couple months ago that the MGS series has never been a system seller. Not saying it won't be this time but it has never been in the past.

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THC CELL3970d ago

True ps3 has a few good games of 08 this is one of them

Sevir043970d ago

i can tell you that after GTA4 and MGS4 the PS3 will be well well on their way. ^^ i personally cant wait.

hunter213970d ago

indeed, this 2008 ps3 got the ball in the game, the have lots of AAA exclusive games coming

Kleptic3970d ago

when is GTA IV supposed to release? it still Q2 also?...I thought it was pushed back again...can't remember...

mighty_douche3970d ago

i wont be able to take my eyes of Snakes shiny ass!

Relcom3970d ago

1080P is gonna be the balls

Relcom3970d ago

1080P is gonna be the balls

unlimited3970d ago

This game is hot!! I watched some videos from CES its amazing!!

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