LusoPlay Awards 2007 - Best Of PlayStation

In one year essentially marked by the launching of PlayStation 3, 2007 had everything to be the best year of always for Sony. With services as Home, that it promises to revolutionize the market and some good exclusive ones of quality that they would initially arrive at the shelves still exactly this year, 2007 was guessed as the year of dream for Sony.

However the great games of the company turn precociously its launching postponed for 2008 what still thus it did not hinder that consoles it had enormous success already in this Christmas date.
The half one of the year was announced the launching of a new version of the PlayStation Portable, finer and more it has led, the PSP is there for the curves. This concern of Sony in supplying new versions of its best ones is notable consoles, and to the speech of better it would be impossible not to speak of PlayStation 2 that very recently it had also right to a new more compact version.

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duarteq3941d ago

WTF ? i'm from Portugal, and seeing this kind of news here, well, i must say only one thing to N4G community that in general talks and writes in english ... Start using translators cause all the information in the website is in Portuguese. The least LusoPlay could do would be translate all the stuff. Nice efforts for putting the info appear in N4G.
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