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It didn't really matter that EA accidently confirmed Crysis 3 last week. Not only have believable rumours been circulating for months about the game but last year's Crysis 2 marked a successful expansion of the series from PC only shooter to a joint console-led franchise. The download-only port of the original game further cemented the series' multiformat credentials.

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dirthurts2404d ago

One image (the one with him holding the bow) says this is Prophet...
Is that true?
But he's (spoilers edit) right?

Ashunderfire862404d ago

Im trying to figure that out too? LOL!!! I thought Prophet was (spoiler alert) died? Anyway Crysis 3 day one for me on PC.

dirthurts2404d ago

Yeah me too.
Found this interview

Mentions Prophet teaming up with Psycho.

Well, the ending (BIG SPOILERS) did have him talking to prophet, and it sounded a bit like he faked his death to separate himself from the suit. So yeah, probably what was happening.

I want Nomad dangit.

GillHarrison2404d ago

Psycho should be the main character, he was much more interesting than any other protagonist in the series.