PS Vita’s Worst Week Hits Japan – Should We Be Worried?

There is no denying the PS Vita has recorded its lowest weekly sales yet but is that anything to worry about?

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Snookies122436d ago

It's obviously one of two things... Either the pricepoint is too high for getting a Vita with a memory card, so Japanese are holding off... Or, it's the fact that there are very few games that appeal to Japanese on the market for Vita right now. Most of the games at launch were geared toward westerners.

So I guess what I'm saying is... Wait for some great JRPGs and this will solve both problems because a higher price will be justifiable to them once something like Monster Hunter hits for example.

Nutsack2436d ago

Its the lack of Japanese games for sure.

But then again, although the sales in the West are a tad better... They're still far, far off the expectations of both Sony and the market.

Besides the launch, where the early adaptors and innovators aka some Sony diehards bought the PSVita, the numbers have dropped fast. In USA the PSVita sells less than 50% of the 3DS. Sure the 3DS at 170 or 180 does a lot under 200 psychological price level.

Where the PSVita is 250 at cheapest + at least 20 USD for a 4GB memcard = 270 USD at least 100 USD more than 3DS, its just too much for a handheld in this market, when the PS3 is even at 250...

Snookies122436d ago

Yeah, it isn't doing nearly as well as the 3DS, but then again I don't think anyone really expected it to. Nintendo is going to dominate the handheld market of course, that's just how it's always going to be. (Not saying it's for kids, but...) A lot of the sales Nintendo gets are from children, and parents just know the "Nintendo" label as being pretty much family friendly and the big Mario. Which again, isn't a bad thing as I'm quite considering getting a 3DS as well lol.

Either way, Sony IS making sales with their Vita. That's something at least, considering the debt they're in... It's nice that they can make some profit off the Vita if nothing else. I just hope it turns around soon here. I love the Vita, it's fantastic and deserves some great sales numbers.

givemeshelter2436d ago

"Where the PSVita is 250 at cheapest + at least 20 USD for a 4GB memcard = 270 USD at least 100 USD more than 3DS, its just too much for a handheld in this market, when the PS3 is even at 250..."

That is what is holding the Vita back the most. The price.
It is too costly for most average consumers in this market even though the technology behind the Vita is more than worth it.
Where else can you get that type of technology for $250? No where at this point...which brings us to this 800lb Gorilla in the room:

Consumers see the sticker shock of $250 for what many deem a 'toy'...then look at the latest Smart Phone advertised with a quad core chip-set and the decision becomes easier.
Then added to that you have the upcoming Quad Core Asus or Google Tablet that is said to be priced for $250 or less and things get a but more tricky.

Now the reality is that Cellphone will end up costing more down the road, however most consumers just see the initial cost upfront and their decision in made...

Dedicated handhelds largest market is directed towards children and Adults buying for their children. That demographics has always leaned more towards buying a dedicated handheld from Nintendo...because of name/brand reconnection and of course price.

The Vita's price point makes it almost more of an 'Adult' handheld and the reality is more Adults are wanting one device for most of their multimedia needs...and they lean more towards the Smart Phone.

It's going to be an uphill battle this generation for dedicated gaming handhelds regardless, but just more so for the Vita at $250+

sikbeta2436d ago

It's not just lack of games, PSP outsells Vita every week, IF Vita was fully BC, PSP could have been dead already, as in Vita eating PSP sales, it's because PSP is cheaper and has a huge lineup

Knushwood Butt2436d ago

It's the lack of new games...

Next title that should do OK is the Metal Gear Solid collection, but it won't fly off the shelves either.

Snookies122436d ago

@givemeshelter - I love your 800 pound gorilla in the room, that made me lol...

You make a great point though, consumers these days only see that initial price and go for something that can do "everything". Vita is and always will be for hardcore gamers. It's why like I said above Nintendo does so much better when selling handhelds. They're for everyone, kids and casual gamers, so it's going to do better no matter how you look at it.

Crap_Turtle2436d ago

hey silly you think everyone without an account cant read n4g?

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Crap_Turtle2436d ago

Where you on n4g a year ago?

Everyone was predicting the 3ds's death like every nintendo system like clock work, yeah people expected the vita to be number 1

The vita has a TON of japanese games

The problem is they are all ports.........thats the problem, the times vita sales have actually increased, are times when the 1 or 2 exclusives launched........

thats the problem......the 3ds launched with exclusive third party content across all regions ie shadow wars, layton 5, ect

the vita had nothing........thats the difference.......

Rainstorm812436d ago

The 3DS has tons of Ports, Ocarina of Time, StarFox to name a few. The Ninty's First party ,third party games and the price drop well after launch aided in the the sales boost of the 3DS.

Besides Nintendo has owned the market since the beginning (gameboy) I dont see that changing anytime soon

Crap_Turtle2436d ago


Now let me correct you, the 3ds had ports yes, but it was never the entire library...........

Even before the price drop It was usually 2 or 3 worldwide and 1 or 2 in japan.

The vita has never been past fourth or fifth, thats the difference......the vita is doing even worse........

-Alpha2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Nintendo's ports like Ocarina are two generations old. Despite Uncharted being an original title, it can't compete with Zelda' legacy. On top of that, Nintendo's First Party dominates Sony's, especially the IPs Sony has this gen.

Vita's lineup come from this generation alone: people already have enough of Resistance and Uncharted on their PS3's, these titles barely appeal to the Japanese market. I'm worried for the Vita in Japan until at least Final Fantasy X. Gravity Daze would be great if the marketing behind it is big enough. Its titles like Gravity Daze that Sony needs to have more of. They put way too much stalk into thinking games like Uncharted would be system sellers, but I don't think anything will carry VITA until we see more original titles and bigger brand names. The best now is a pricecut, but that will temporarily boost sales. I'm sure VITA will pick up, but I don't see when without the right software.

Instead of making IPs like Uncharted, make IPs of older gen games that gamers haven't seen for a while like Jak and Daxter. I still think RPGs are a huge market for handhelds that VITA needs to capitalize on.

And yeah, a lot of people seemed to think PSVita would sell on hardware value alone, I remember all the "People will want to spend $250 on Vita because its worth it" talk and how 3DS was going to die because it would be outdated, but the hardcore fans only make up so much of the overall market. Most People aren't downing $250 to play LittleBigPlanet with touch screen controls. What Sony needs are original titles like Gravity Daze and bigger brand games like Final Fantasy.

No matter how fancy the hardware is, $250 + Memory card + game is way too much for a new piece of tech. I've always said this:

-The non Playstation gamers are better off buying a PS3
-The Playstation gamers aren't going to buy a Vita to play games they can get on PS3. This is my problem with the VITA alongside the $$

If you want a short term boost a price cut is the best answer, but long term requires more appealing titles. I'm still not worried for the long term, but the more time lost, the more it hurts and the more it helps Nintendo. I really hope E3 reveals a better lineup, especially for the Japanese market. I can really foresee Vita playing out like PS3 did, the hardware can really kick in down the gen, but in no way is VITA outselling or dominating the market as some thought it could.

ElementX2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

@ crap_turtle, you're asking somebody if they were on N4G a year ago and you just joined 17 hours ago?

I doubt you waited a year to sign up, so how many accounts do you have?

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StraightPath2436d ago

huge price drop needed. should just be more expensive then the 3DS. the vita and the memory card takes it to very steep price for a dedicated gaming handheld console in which you can get consoles with...

Knushwood Butt2436d ago

Disagree, as even with the price drop, what would they buy??

Vita needs some big hitting software.

SuperLupe2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Dont know about you guys but I was really excited for the Vita when it was first announced.

But the closer we got to launch and the least I was excited for it to the point where I dont even feel like getting one anymiore.

The main reason for me is the games ... sorry but there was nothing sexy at all about its launch line up and current library.

And also i dont buy a Vita to play portable versions of games I already have on my PS3.

Maybe a year from now when the machine really gets going and theres more exciting games I might think of picking one up.

edit: oh and the price is MORE tha ok.

sinncross2436d ago

In all honesty, Sony should have done a better job with that PSV youtube broadcast day they had.

i think they set a slightly mixed signal with that.

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Rainstorm812436d ago

Can we revisit the Vita's Success or lack of success in a year after release. Because if it has a sales boom towards the end of the year, then we will see articles of all the journalists jumping on the bandwagon.

Besides the 360 has had terrible sales in Japan its entire lifetime yet its a very successful lets all be patient

Game3s2436d ago

The PSP's best market was Japan so it is only fare that people would also think that the Vita's best market would also be Japan, If the next Box did terrible sale in the US (360's best market), you would also assume the next box doesn't have a bright future too wouldn't you?

raWfodog2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

All it needs its a killer app like a new Monster Hunter and it'll fly off the shelves in Japan. Sony should pay Capcom to make one and they'll get their money back and more.

givemeshelter2436d ago

The number one reason is cost and unfortunately the competition from Tablets and Cell Phones are also a factor to consider.
When the price point lowers and more desirable games come out that the Japanese market like that are mostly not ports, you will see sales rise significantly.
But he landscape for mobile gaming has change forever with the rise of these "smartphones" and Tablets.

asmith23062436d ago

Tablets and phones cant play AAA games. How many times has it been said that there is no comparison between a console like experience on a Vita and a touch screen experience on a tablet or phone? When the big hitters like COD, GTA, etc get to Vita I would predict that their numbers will jump a hell of a lot. Look at the PS3s start and where it is now. I would have more faith in Sony these days.

givemeshelter2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I am not talking about CORE gamers...I AM talking about AVERAGE consumers and if you think tablets and cellphone has not eroded away dedicated market share from them, then you have your head in the sand as even Nintendo and Sony acknowledged this.
$250 price point puts it in the same "price demographics" FOR THE AVERAGE consumer. I
am not talking CORE gamer.
You don't have to believe me. Just look at the numbers. Numbers don't lie.
The 3DS is doing well because the price point is well below what Any Smart phone pr tablet offers.
The Vita is in that same initial up front cost.
I know i will most likely get banned from this site stating what I did and get 100 disagrees, but if you people ACTUALLY look at data over the past 2-3 years to the current day and look at BUYING trends from AVERAGE consumers that MAKE up the majority of buyers for HANDHELD systems, you will notice a HUGE drop in market share and that market share going towards the Tablet and Cell phone industry.
I am not talking about CORE gamers. I am talking AVERAGE CONSUMERS.

belal2436d ago

it has nothing to do toh tablets and phones, 3ds is doing great. The main problem here is games , it has no software that appeals to the japanese market.

Yangus2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Everything is fine,not need price cut and many AAA titles.

Its very good sales.

DrPepper2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

"in reference to comments above" for fuck sake, tablets and phones have nothing to do with the lack of success of the vita in japan. the problem is there is hardly any games on the vita that appeal to the japanese market....... what is so hard for these people to understand that. look at the 3ds and psp neither of them are a phone or tablet but both of them sell well in japan because they "HAVE" games that appeal to japan.

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