Dragon's Dogma demo arrives next week on PSN and Xbox LIVE

El33tonline writes:

"Capcom has just sent out word that the anticipated demo for Dragon’s Dogma is due for release next week across both PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Marketplace!"

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richierich2381d ago

Im looking forward to it already

OliverKO2381d ago

Definitely! The only question in my mind about the game now is how it plays and controls. Once I've played the demo and I'm satisfied it plays well, it won't be able to release soon enough - Dragon's Dogma looks epic!

ALICE6662381d ago

Just hoping it will be a sizable demo to play through.

macezhno2381d ago

aren't capcom's retail games now just sizable demo seeing how you have to pay just to see the final ending.

OliverKO2381d ago

It looks as though there are going to be two full missions to play through - one fighting against the Chimera in the dungeon, and one against the griffin in the fields - quite sizeable I would say!

SKullDugger2381d ago

I'm looking forward to this because if its good then no Witchef 2 for me.

Captain Qwark 92381d ago

im pumped to play this as well however im getting the wither 2 without a doubt. if this turns out to be a fraction as good as it looks, ill get both.

emmerin2381d ago

both of you having troubles spelling Witcher? lol

SKullDugger2381d ago

That's what happens when you use an I phone at work. And you're right thanks for the heads up!!