Rumour: PS4 Getting Speech Recognition?

"As it’s a bit quiet I thought I would have a nose round LinkedIn and see if there’s any juicy jobs postings. Turns out there is"

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DeadlyFire2433d ago

Doesn't surprise me if true. Kinect is a first attempt at this sort of technology with games and it does okay, but can be vastly improved upon in next platform.

I wouldn't expect Sony to not incorporate it in their next system.

andibandit2433d ago

Sony should incorporate the voice command to play game as:


Machioto2433d ago

That's not entirely true,Sony has something called ps vr implemented in sing star,now if this is more of a general use then you may be right.

kneon2433d ago

There was voice recognition used on the PS2 so Kinect is far from a first attempt.

In general I have little use for voice recognition, it usually takes longer to do things than just using buttons. And then there is the fact that it can never be 100% accurate.

DeadlyFire2432d ago

I get it. Its not the first implementation, but you know what I mean.

Sony is still going to add it just for casual crowd to say oh look Sony has it too. Its never been recognized publicly that PS2/PS3 had a full scale voice recognition setup.

Technology for voice recognition is advancing quite well in some areas. I understand it will never be 100% accurate, but neither will Kinect's sense of your movement at its current level of technology.

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StanSmith2433d ago

I know this is off topic, but people do know it won't be called PS4? 4 is considered an unlucky number in Japanese.

I think that it will be the Playstation Orbis (is that how it is spelt?).

Speech Recognition is the in thing at the moment. This years TVs will include it too. I wouldn't be suprised if Orbis does include it.

DeadlyFire2433d ago

PS 460 maybe? ha

I do know the number is considered unlucky in Japan, but 13 is also considered unlucky in US and we still get Final Fantasy 13. So what's to stop them from labeling the next console PS IV.

subtenko2433d ago

Sony has put the playstation name up until PS7 (So it will always be Playstation [something] till the 8th one)

P.S. Im wondering which Playstation will incorporate Sony's patented "matrix-like technology". Looking at things now, Im guessing.. that would in 11 more years. So PS6 or PS7 will have it if they go through with it. I just wanna know what they plan on doing lol thats a crazy quote!

Agree or Disagree if you Agree :)

AtomicGerbil2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Of course it will.

Why doesn't anybody get the fact that PS3 has voice recognition, be it using a headset or the PSEye, it still has it?

kingPoS2433d ago

Nevermind the voice recognition, Sony needs to release a limited edition boomerang dualshock 3

GraveLord2433d ago

If obviously will. If an iPhone can do it, so can a console.
360 already does it with Kinect and I'm sure the Playstation Eye can do it as well but its very limited.