Kinect’s Broken Promises - Has the Kinect Dream Been Realised?

17 months after Kinect's launch and a string of games ranging from awful to decent (most being reviewed as awful) NowGamer looks back at what microsoft first promised with Kinect, and investigates to see if the dream has been realised. Also explores Skyrim Kinect and what Xbox 720 might bring.

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TimmyShire2438d ago

Skyrim and Kinect is possibly the worst thing ever.

Shadonic2438d ago

to someone who cant see true potential in things <.<

TimmyShire2438d ago

That's true. Good point.

skyward2438d ago

Skyrim Kinect could be the best hardcore use of the tech so far, but Halo/Mass Effect 3 felt token. More needs to be done if core gamers are going to get this thing.

Starbucks_Fan2438d ago

I wish more effort would be done with racing games. Forza 4 only uses it for a few modes and that's disappointing.

Tai_Kaliso2438d ago

A few modes really? You could race cars with it, co-op or online, you could view all the cars in Auto-vista mode, you could control the menus with voice of hand gestures and it was used for head tracking in the career mode.

Not sure what else you'd want from it in that game, they implemented it perfectly.

Godmars2902438d ago

A mod added to the game months after its release, after someone had already found and used it on PC, is Kinect realized?

Shadonic2438d ago

well someone did do a mod that had voice commands and actual kinect controls before there was even word of skyrim voice mods in general, in my book hes the first one to really utilize the kinect fully on skyrim. Honestly they haven't utilized it they should work on missions and stuff after this and probably work on a kinect gesture controls DLC in the background while there doing other things. This is the first time anyone's done this so it can definably lead to a new way kinect can be implemented into hardcore titles by adding voice and gesture controls through DLC

Tai_Kaliso2438d ago

Technically you could write a ton of articles about broken promises this generation and for pretty much every company and console, I mean I don't see 120fps or the ability to hook up two monitors via HDMI cables at the same time, and I surely don't see any 4-D gaming going on.

I think for the most part people are happy with their Kinect's, if its not your thing, don't get one. Its not like its forced on anyone.

Kinect has done a nice job for me adding to games I really like, Mass Effect 3, Halo, Skyrim, Forza 4 and soon Ghost Recon.

They've used it to implement it into a great franchise like Steel Battalion, were getting a spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon that requires a Kinect.

People act like 16 months on the market is a huge amount of time and its not. So far its managed to do pretty well for itself, has 10 platinum games and a lot of successful other ones. We have to keep in mind that the install base is smaller than that of the actual Xbox 360, so anything in the 300k-500k has got to be considered a success.

To each their own, but I'm happy with mine, I can control all of Xbox Live with voice commands, search for anything with Bing on my Xbox and were seeing more and more integration with Kinect, plus I can keep in touch with my family that has one as well.

Kurylo3d2438d ago

i personally dont like any third party device unless it is standard on a platform so every developer could take advantage of it... otherwise ur lookn at making a game for a much smaller market and you are less likely to succeed.

Shadonic2438d ago

That's so true, MS still could take advantage of things because in this point in time we can do things like add voice commands with a device like kinect to a game that was released without it through DLC. If you look at it if it wasent bethesda doing it and just a modder it would e counted as a mod. Though its just voice commands imagine the possibilities of having kinect gesture DLC. This could change things allowing for developers to experiment with kinect on hardcore titles taking what they learned from these experiments and getting better with the kinect in general. Microsoft should also open up kinect fun labs to indie developers to instead of having Microsoft studios do the little add-ons. Seeing how indie developers are creating great things on the PC with kinect why not bring it to the 360 its that simple.

kikizoo2438d ago

Oh look, "join 23 mars 2012" and already 182 comments !! (most of the time pro-xbox) fanboyz's new multiaccount ? or new ms employee ?

StrongMan2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I like how they change the rules to help the Xbox. PS3 games sold 300k during the first year with a 10 million install base its a flop but now "300-500k has got to be considered a success". LMAO

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