12-gauge: can Modern Warfare 4 save CoD from decline?

VG247: Modern Warfare 3 didn’t progress Activision’s beloved action format and we’re seeing clear signs of a peak. The Call of Duty dial’s been stuck at 11 for years: is this just the publisher’s latest strip-mine victim?

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Thrungus2255d ago

A break from first person shooters would always be a nice touch.

LoudHawk2255d ago

Yeah, I want the Call Of Duty platformer, or even Kart Racing game. Actually, Kart Racing as Captain Price would be AWESOME!

decrypt2254d ago

Lol how does Cod need saving? Mw3 sold very well.

As long as console gamers cant get enough of the same game every year lolvision has nothing to worry about.

The devs at lolvision know all they need to do is mod the last game with new skins and new maps lol. its the same as when a game gets modded on the pc for free by the community. As long as the kida cant understand this nothing is changing.

ChrisGTR12254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

mw4 is exactly whats killing cod.

2255d ago
StraightPath2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

looks at MW3 sales, looks at title " save cod from decline " laughs at the stupidity.

the cod franchise needs a overhaul but doesnt need saving. the next cod better not be running on SAME engine. what is the most played online games are the cod games...people are deluded. the games are really familiar so if new physics new graphics new everything would be great.

Bobby Kotex2254d ago

Exactly. As long as idiots/casual gamers exist CoD will always be popular.

CarlosX3602254d ago

A new engine is necessary.

glennco2254d ago

a new engine is well overdue.
BF has evolved since BF2 with every release adding something new to the engine and gameplay. but then again, i was the only person in the world that preferred BC1 to CoD4 both SP and MP. CoD has stalled but don't forget it is activision. they have not got where they are by wasting money. guitar hero, tony hawk, CoD etc etc are all for milking and never considered to be that different from the previous. EA has their sports titles for this

AdmiralSnake2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Since when did COD need saving ? The sales speak for themselves. More people enjoy the game than those that dislike it.

I think we just need a break from COD, however it doesn't need saving. What it does need is a break, the saying "I can't ever miss you, if you're never gone".

We don't need another COD until next generation in my opinion.

Every online game for the most part has idiots who insult you out of frustration, I personally laugh it off.

I played Uncharted 3 this weekend and I can't even tell you about the amount of flaming on that game LMAO.

AtomicGerbil2255d ago

I fully agree that it needs a break, but you know wholeheartedly that it'll never happen.

AdmiralSnake2255d ago

I agree, I'm a supporter of COD and even I believe they need to give it a rest for a while.

Activision is sitting on a boatload of cash, they should invest in other genre of games, (Excluding Blizzard out of this equation)

Games like Planetside 2 (Made by SOE) Seriously puts COD to shame.

It's still a decent franchise, I just think we could do without it until next generation.

StanLee2255d ago

I don't know where the media gets the impression that Call of Duty is on the decline. Each new iteration sells more than the last and with each new iteration the community gets larger. I haven't noticed a decline in the number of players at peak times playing Modern Warfare 3 and there are more players playing Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops than any other online shooter. Even Modern Warfare and World at War still maintain thriving communities. Call of Duty seems to be an ecosystem all of its own. I think the series has stagnated but that really hasn't stopped its growth.

Nimblest-Assassin2254d ago

Flaming? Could you explain what you mean? Community, gameplay etc.

Yes, personally COD needs a desperate overhaul. The only CODS I ever owned were World at War and BO... and that was soley for the zombies mode.

I like games that focus on teamplay... that does not exist in the Infinity Ward games,especially MW2. Here I am running the flags, by myself, I wonder what happened to the other team, since I could not see anyone...

Then I hear tactical nuke inbound, and lose the match right before I can cap the last flag. Told my friend MW2 was stupid and never played it again

BuffMordecai2255d ago

Modern Warfare 4? They already screwed up 3, I wouldn't trust sledgehammer/infinity ward with anything.

TekoIie2255d ago

I severely doupt that as a standalone game MW3 screwed up...

Anon19742255d ago

Yeah, I've got to agree with you there. I thought MW3 was the best single player experience of the series and I loved how they wrapped it all up. All 3 MW games had excellent, albeit brief single player campaigns. Glitches and bugs and the players who just can't stop abusing them ruined MW2's online for me, but I've had a good time with MW3 online despite the fact that I suck.

I've got to agree with posters above. As far as I can tell in gameplay and sales, the Call of Duty franchise is as strong as it's ever been. Black Ops was a disappointment all around for me and I'll probably skip Black Ops 2, but I'm far from done with this series.

Afirmitive2255d ago

Well it most likely will be on next gen Consoles and it may just be one of the first FPS games at the time, so I think it will sell even better than MW3, as much as I hate to say that.

Oschino19072255d ago

If it was only on next gen console and one of the first big FPS games out for it I don't see how it could even be possible to sell more. Even being very very generous and saying 1 in 4 people buying a next gen console would buy a MW4 would mean next gen consoles would have to sell upwards of 100 million units within a year. Both systems look as if they won't be released during same year let alone in a price range that would garner such an extreme number of sales so quickly.

Rainstorm812255d ago

Ive moved on from CoD, MW3 couldnt save it and neither can next gen... I think Activision is going to rest on its laurels with CoD, Im sure they wont change the engine until at least 2 CoD into next generation kinda like this gen (CoD2, CoD3, CoD4:MW new engine) and if they still sell tens of millions they may just keep it the same.

Bottom line there are other games that devs put more quality and care into their product, the CoD fad is over for me

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