Petition Made To Get TNA Stars In WWE '13

A petition created wants TNA stars, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Rob Van Dam to be included in WWE '13. All of them are currently signed with TNA Wrestling and the odds of them being in WWE '13 look very slim but it's not entirely impossible.

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Relientk772352d ago

Um what about Kurt Angle?

Cennus2352d ago

This will never happen because Vince doesn't even want to recognize TNA's existence.

outlawlife2352d ago

that's untrue

he recently cut a deal to have ric flair at the hall of fame induction. In return a WWE talent will appear in a future TNA dvd release.

Business is business

Cennus2352d ago

That's a big difference to including an outside company's talents in a majorly promoted project.

gamernova2352d ago

Bwahahahaha some gamers are drugs.

Bathyj2352d ago

Why not have a WWE vs TNA game?
If Marvel and DC can work together, surely its not impossible.

MrBeatdown2352d ago

WWE '13: Arthritic Edition

Pre-order now to unlock the exclusive Depends wrestling attire.

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