CES 2008: 87% of owners watch Blu-ray movies on PS3

Sony Corp. this week said that 87 percent of Playstation 3 owners watch Blu-ray disc format movies on their PS3.

In the advertisement supplement Blu-ray Today distributed at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, NV, Sony Computer Entertainment America senior VP of marketing said that 87 percent of PS3 owners watch Blu-ray movies on their PS3 and 84 percent intend to always purchase or rent Blu-ray movies.

The figures are based on an internal survey conducted by Sony.

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techie3969d ago

An internal survey meaning only Sony employees took part? :P

Also did they include the free copy of Casino Royale for UK owners?

paul_war3969d ago

They did at launch, if you registered on PSN, don't know how long that lasted for though.

marinelife93969d ago

I only buy and rent Blu-Ray whenever I can. But I wonder how many PS3 owners have that beast hooked up to a HDTV. I know some friends who play PS3 on SDTV's.

techie3969d ago went on for a long time - months after in fact. My point is that do those PS3 owners inclde Blu-ray watching peeps?

Filanime033969d ago

I actually watch blu-ray all the time and I think that is an accurate percentage. I may not buy the blu-ray movies but I am renting it on netflix I hope that counts.

xhi43969d ago

everyone I know with a ps3 has watched at least one blu-ray movie, or are planning on buying a blu-ray movie

I've only got two movies at the moment, casino royale cause it was free and the pursuit of happiness.

DrakenSilverwing3969d ago

Yeah i'd say thats about right.. in fact sense i've had the PS3 i havn't bought anything but Blu-ray... unless i couldn't get it on that format but last few months havn't really been a problem with that anymore..

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31 PS3 games(in profile)
14 Blu-Ray movies

EHILL3969d ago

Considering they have been running the free 5 hi def blu ray movies with purchase since summer, I would consider it a pretty accurate stat. I now have 8 blu rays in my collection, visiting best buy this weekend to add.

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The story is too old to be commented.