Meet The Likely Source Of Most Next Generation Console Rumors

GP: "There have been a lot of rumors flying around recently about the yet to be announced Playstation 4 and Xbox 720, which are codenamed "Orbis" and "Durango" respectively. Different supposed hardware specs, console designs, and possible DRM have all been "revealed" to the public. But each one of these rumors all share one common detail: all of the "sources" are unnamed.

Now the problem with unnamed sources is that they're unnamed. For all we know, these people's sources could be legitimate insiders leaking sensitive information, but the odds are pretty high most information leaks lead back to one place, which I'm about to reveal to you now."

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GraveLord2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Oh there are some pretty reliable rumors.(Kotaku, IGN are pretty high up there and have good track record)
Then there's those no-name sites with bad layouts that are just making stuff up for hits.

GamePodunk2404d ago

While the big sites like IGN may have some legitimate sources, keep in mind that IGN also reported that Project Cafe (the Wii U's codename before its announcement) was supposed to look like a modernized SNES, which we now know is false information.

So you can almost never tell what exactly is true and what's not. There were similar rumors from big sites about how the PS Vita's final form was supposed to look, and it turned out to look nothing like it when Sony finally announced it.

ZodTheRipper2404d ago

I don't want a source for rumors, I want a source for facts.