Battlefield 3 Battlelog Now Available in the App Store

MP1st - EA has finally rolled out an official Battlefield 3 Battlelog app for iOS devices.

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crxss1563d ago

about freaking time! just downloaded it. wish you could do voice chat with people on battlelog similar to HeyTell or Voxer.

Mister_V1563d ago

That'd be pretty cool. I think it could still use a couple extra features. In time.

crxss1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

i mean the desktop version of battlelog can do live voice and text chat so having voice messaging would be comparable and a really unique feature to have since i do not have the numbers of all the people i play bf3 with

PixL1562d ago

There are several BF apps for Android, just choose your fav.

Fylus1562d ago

I actually use one of them pretty often. it's really nice, but it would also be pretty cool to see an official one too.

F7U121562d ago

droid... hahaha good one. get a real phone.

Fylus1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

The Droid is everything the Iphone wishes it could be. Android OS>>>iOS.

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dazzrazz1563d ago

"Requires iOS 4.0 or later" Fucking Apple and their shitty products,

GamingManiac1562d ago

I'm completely satisfied with my iPhone, iTunes on the other hand...

colugothelegend1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Hell yea

just downloaded it on my ipad 2!!!

now I can get happy over up-coming unlocks at work. lowkey


Hufandpuf1562d ago

Is it only for iPhone? I have an iPad 2 and only downloaded the iPhone version.

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