Rumor: Apple and Valve to make a console

A Kinect-like video game console in the works?

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LX-General-Kaos2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I said something similar to this a couple days ago. I didnt know how strong the rumor was. If this does actually come to reality.. War has changed.

Agent Hitman a few comments under mine was on the right track as well.

Hopefully this does happen to bring more competition into the world of gaming.

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dedicatedtogamers2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I find this rumor unlikely. Why would Apple need a console? I thought iPad and iPhone already "destroyed" handheld and console gaming, huh? Apparently the Apple zealots were wrong again.

A Steam console makes almost no sense. Steam is already on "consoles": it's called a PC hooked up to the TV. There wouldn't be any exclusive games for it (Apple owns no gaming dev teams, and Valve isn't about to make a game exclusive to console but not on Steam), so there'd be absolutely no reason to buy one.

Apple has a lot of success in the "mobile computer" market, I'll give 'em that, but stationary Apple products (desktops and TV boxes) always bomb horribly.

The worst part of it would be the Apple console would get a new must-have version every 12 months and the media would praise it to no end.

DeadlyFire2436d ago

Not the iGame!!!!!! I don't want it. Go away. Okay I might buy it. All depends.

Could easily happen though. Apple would be the console maker and distributor. They have more than enough cash. Valve would be software partner with STEAM like online network + their headset type device they are developing.

Rumors have been around for a few years of next AppleTV entering into the console race. I personally have not been expecting it. Intel + NVIDIA CPU/GPU are available and likely both companies want to showcase their technology badly so they are likely pushing for someone to put them into the console race. It could happen with Apple.

Open RL is another possible tech option to be thrown in or out of it.

Still though I don't see Apple being a serious contender without some kind of gaming software support. Although it could bring about an era of Mac + Their console exclusive games. They would need some strong titles to kick things off and they really have no game developers building exclusive games for them.

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Intentions2437d ago

It would be a lost cause.

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