XBOX Live Marketplace Update 1/8/2008

As well as The Club demo and the two new Arcade releases, there's some new content which is now available to download from the XBOX Live Marketplace. They are viewable at the Source!

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Syko3965d ago

One of the few times my UK silver account will come in handy. Unless this is one of those demos that is available to Gold members first. I'll check when I get home though.

mighty_douche3965d ago

...the only thing id like to Club is the developers...

heyheyhey3965d ago

well i havnt actually tried it and i dont want to- WTF?! 1750 MB- waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long- im going to wait for OPM to put the demo on their disk

Boon Tarkas3965d ago

Or play, for that matter. That would seem the more critical

dvx uk3965d ago

Everything seems to be working........touch wood

InYourMom3965d ago

Stomps a mudhole in the lastest US PSN update.

athlon7703965d ago

Personally I think this is a pretty weak update. One un-important demo and a bunch of DLC for games no one playes. Yeah, this is one killer update...NOT! Nor do I agree that this stomps the PSN update, I would put them on par with each other...they both suck! But that is my opinion...the best thing to come out is the Red vs Blue episode.

ichimaru3965d ago

cool, anyone know if naruto(the show not the game) is on the maketplace? that would really boost us and japanses live (maby a few console) sales.

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