Is the future of handheld gaming consoles bleak?

TVGB: "We all know the Nintendo 3DS didn’t perform at launch. A mixture of poor release games and overall consumer dissatisfaction led to a slump in early sales. Where Nintendo predicted to sell 4 million units over the first week of launch, it failed miserably. I personally thought the 3DS was a very ingenious product with a lot of appeal. If anything, the fact that the console was a step in the right direction for the company in terms of powerful graphics, enhanced multiplayer capabilities should have sealed the deal. Topping it off with some sumptuous icing, third party developers were not expected to plunge the machine into a barrel of copious games that had ‘Imagine…’ in the title. No, the developers were taking it seriously and we were to see some great games on the horizon."

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-Ninja-2382d ago

Stopped reading at "Is".

DrPepper2382d ago

i'm pretty sure that both the 3ds and vita are selling. i was under the impression that if something sells there is a market for it.

asmith23062382d ago

Yeah because Nintendo and Sony haven't sold boat loads of DSs' and PSPs'!! I have a Vita and am really waiting for the big boys to come out on it, same way I did on the PS3. Once that happens I think it will take off. I'm not even a COD fan but I really hope that the COD "game changer" announcement Sony talked about is actually a game changer, and that COD is fully functional online on the Vita. Cross platform play with the PS3 (or PS4) would indeed be ground breaking for the online fps and gaming in general. I'm also thinking about getting a 3DS for RE: Revelations. I'm on a RE buzz at the moment :)

Waddy1012381d ago

The 3DS didn't perform well "at launch" is the key point there. Whilst im not a massive 3DS fan and do not own one because i saved up for a Vita instead even i know that they are currently selling like hotcakes after that price drop.

Crap_Turtle2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Why do people only bring up the 3ds launch and not the 99 percent of things that happened after? Like the 3ds being the number 1 selling system in the world every week?

And fyi kenji inafune is a joke................

Why would people buy full retail games? I dont know, ask the people who have made the 3ds software the highest selling in first year portable history

The article is retarded..............the western game industry comes under fire every single day for basically crashing, what does that have to do with it? nothing. like half these points

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