Steven Jackson Games Reveal!

Some of you, who must have been living under a Giant Rock or something, might not be familiar with Steve Jackson Games. Suffice to say, they are the most consistently amazing game publisher on the market with the most rabid fan base this side of the new My Little Pony. This adoration is well deserved; during my talk with the guys from SJG (Steve Jackson Games), I was blown away by not only how in touch with their fans they are, but how invested they are in each game they put out being FUN. Enough of my gushing and onto the good stuff!

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Spitfire_Riggz2436d ago

I didnt know the running back for the Rams also made games.

Myze2436d ago

Eh, this is about role-playing board games. Not sure what it has to do with videogames. (To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if the news is required to be about video games specifically, not an issue that comes up very often. :P )

I've never heard of the company, so at first when I read "the most consistently amazing game publisher on the market" I thought this writer is an idiot. Maybe he's right about board games, since I wouldn't know.

Bimkoblerutso2436d ago

No, I'm a pretty avid board game fan, and I only vaguely know of the company. In fact, the games I've played from them were so unremarkable that I didn't even remember the company that made them.

To tell the truth, I thought the author was just joking around when I read the intro up there, but it seems he was just being ridiculously pretentious.

moodymood2436d ago

Nice Illuminati logo, doubt that will the company sell games

MariaHelFutura2435d ago

Actually, check out his card deck from the mid 90s. Just look up "illuminati card deck".

Structure-Gaming2435d ago

Our site covers more than just video games, and the name of this site is NEWS 4 Gamers... Board/Card is a form (and the reason gaming exists) of Gaming? Right?