Iup Bundle Now Only $1

Want to support the 9th Wizard and get some awesome games in the process? We have teamed up with 5 other indie developers to bring you the $1 6-game + 4-Mp3 Iup Bundle. The Indie Underdog Pack (Iup) is a group of small indie teams who have come together to crowd-fund their current projects. Every little bit help, I hope you check out our games or choose to support our projects.

There isn’t much too it. We are a relatively unknown developers (although we boast a ridiculous 100+ years of game making experience), with relatively unknown games. We teamed up to try and change that. We hope you see our games and think they are worth a buck, but more importantly we hope that you see what we are working on and think it’s worth supporting!

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EpicVesselGames2405d ago

The website is still active, and will be for a few more hours.