Skullgirls Review [Capsule Computers]

Capsule Computers writes:

"Skullgirls is a pleasant surprise and will perhaps end up being the sleeper hit of 2012. It’s a refreshingly unique fighting game in every aspect, one that is beautifully executed in every aspect as well. It has some shortcomings, but overall this is a fantastic game that has all the elements of a standout title. It will be great to have some more content soon for the Extras section, as well some new DLC characters (just as long as they don’t handle it like Capcom did).

For now, what’s present is entertaining enough as the game’s eight playable characters will keep you busy with their distinct mechanics and play styles, and the game’s world, art, aesthetics, and audible flair will impress you. Hopefully this game gains a strong following as it would be great to see more of Skullgirls in the coming years."

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