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Inafune praises Fish's 'honest' Japanese game comments

While gamers continue to debate whether or not Phil Fish is an asshole for declaring that all Japanese games suck, the FEZ creator has at least one Eastern developer who agrees with him. That developer is Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, famous for his long-standing criticism of his home country. He believes Fish needed to say what he said. (Fez, Keiji Inafune, PC, Xbox 360)

Megaman_nerd  +   1232d ago
I really don't get the two face reference because Inafune has never changed his stance.
blackburn10  +   1232d ago
Are they still going on about this? It's not that he can't express his opinion or if it is wrong or right.It's how he expressed his opinion that is the problem. He acted like a jack@$$ then pretended he was innocent.
yewles1  +   1232d ago
About time someone else said it, Fish is a complete jerk for his conduct iin stating his opinion, he even tweeted his apology in a way that actually looked like it hurt him to do it. If your a professional, then be a "professional" about it, not a pissant.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1232d ago
You're suggesting that the internet doesn't kick up a shitstorm even when developers convey their controversial opinions in the most civil way possible?

...because that actually happens all the time.
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zaz12  +   1232d ago
says the one whose games sucked this generation
GillHarrison  +   1232d ago
How were Dead Rising and Lost Planet bad games?
wallis  +   1232d ago
They're both buggy, poorly written and have terrible voice acting. Lost planet was just about competent and dead rising turned zombies into kittens you could brush off with a bit of shaking.

I completely agree with this guy. Japanese games are borderline at the best of times. Story is terrible, characters are terrible angsty unrelatable assholes who look like pre-pubescent children stretched into adulthood. I can't believe anyone has the audacity to claim the metal gear series had a good story. It's like someone asked an autistic 13 year old to write a cold war thriller. While every other part of the world is recognizing the unlimited potential of games as a story telling medium Japanese developers still get the shakes if they put leas thank 80 hours of cutscenes in. Not that they ever make any fucking sense to begin with.

This isn't a racism thing, Id argue happily that this is a matter of taste, that it's a matter of culture, and that's fine. But I will not have someone tell me the spaghetti monsters that are the scripts for series such as final fantasy or metal gear solid are anything less than the ramblings of an illiterate retard who doesn't understand narratives, characters, dialog or the difference between a game and a movie.
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RedDead  +   1232d ago
wallis you have a terrible taste in gaming
StupidDude  +   1232d ago
We get it, Inafune.

We get it.
jc48573  +   1232d ago
You get it, but that doesn't mean that Japanese developers do. Man, just look at Capcom. It's like they're giving up and letting all their games be made by Western developers.
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Alos88  +   1232d ago
There's a difference between being honest and being an asshole, and the fact is that Fish treated the guy how asked the question like crap for no reason. It wasn't even him being blunt, he was being a jerk.
jc48573  +   1232d ago
you need jerks like him sometimes, so that their comments are heard in Japan.
TBM  +   1232d ago
meh Fish and Inafune opinions mean nothing to me, my favorite game this generation is Valkyria Chronicles which comes from Japan.

let's not act like western developers have broken the mold making games this gen.
wallis  +   1232d ago
Minecraft, space pirates and zombies, terraria, portal 2, bastion and batman arkham city were all recent games trying to break the mould. I mean seriously every single game that gets released NEEDS a gimmick to survive so quite frankly you couldn't be more wrong. Mass effect pioneered interactive story telling, portal pioneered the puzzler while capcom pioneered re-releasing the same game with an X after the title. If you gave me a list of every game released in the last ten years I'd be able to pull out a hundred examples of superbly written games that had some kind of new feature of gimmick that tried to make it stand out.

I guess Japan gave us rapelay which is pretty pioneering. Maybe in three years there'll be super mega duper rapeplay extreme HD arcade home version: collector's edition.

Japan can pioneer great gameplay ideas. Their presence in the industry pre-2000 show how different and important abstract gameplay design can be - and that's awesome. But that was in the 90's... I kind of expect storyline to be mildly competent in this generation and I'm sorry but I would rather safety pin my foreskin shut than admit that games like dead rising, Lost planet or even metal gear solid have good writing. They're stories are at best on par with a thirteen year old's wet dreams.

And to really get a sense of just what's so wrong with Japanese game development just look at what happened to the Liara special edition statue. THAT right there is why video games get treated like toys and not an artform. Can someone please give me an example of a Japanese game without a retarded story? Seriously message me if you want because I'd like to see the same standard of story telling I see in battle royale or Akira replicated in games but so far all I've seen are breasts and terrible dialogue.
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Crap_Turtle  +   1232d ago
1) Why are we posting a duplicate article.........second, inafune is considered a joke in both industries for a reason........

he genealizes everything

japan sucks huh?

radiant historia
mario galaxy
disgaea 4
arland 3
valkyria 3
bravely default

all suck huh?

hes hypocritical and best ignored
hano  +   1232d ago
Japanese games rock, I don't want them to go away.

Sure, things there's a lot of cut and paste, just like there's in the West, I mean how many FPS can we take already.

Japan has a great indie scene. Games like Cloudphobia, Cave Story and Recettear are great.

Not to mention, games like Shadow of the Colossus wouldn't exist if not for Japan.
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