Sparks Unlimited Hiring For An Unannounced Hack and Slash Sequel

TheParanoidGamers Writes - "It seems that the Sparks Unlimted, who will be developing Capcom third installment to the Lost Planet series, are now hiring for a new title."

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Frankfurt2382d ago

A sequel with horror/demonic undertones and optional co-op that apparently wasn't as focused on sword action as this sequel will be.


Are the three that come to mind. We do know Lords of Shadow 2 is a reality. Onimusha was sword-centric already, but it's the series that fits the most.

GillHarrison2381d ago

Castlevania is probably in development by Mercurysteam, and Splatterhouse is definitely done as a franchise. Onimusha would be a sad reality to be developed third-party. A Capcom developed MT Framework version would be much more pleasing.

rdgneoz32381d ago

"A Capcom developed MT Framework version would be much more pleasing."

And have half the content locked...

KeiserSosay47882381d ago

I think it's safe to say that ANYTHING Capcom tries to revive now will probably be utter crap with all the bells, whistles, and DLC that goes with it.