PC gaming is dead... NOT; Legend of Grimrock turns a profit in three days

DSOGaming writes: "I’m overly excited to inform you guys that the amazing dungeon-crawler RPG, Legend of Grimrock, is profitable after three days of availability."

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Anon19742409d ago

I haven't played a game on my PC in probably over 5 years (I spend all day working on my PC and I find it useful to separate work and gaming) however I broke this rule for Legend of Grimrock. Took me right back to the days of playing Eye of the Beholder on my Amiga in my dorm room. Grimrock is an absolute blast and I couldn't be happier that it's doing well.

GamingPerson2409d ago

Between games like this & Kickstarters I think pc gaming is headed in a better direction than the consoles. imo.

Kurylo3d2409d ago

I would have to agree. I enjoy the freedom of development outside of big corporations.. thats usually how the best game ideas are birthed.. and then of course copied by the big corporations lol..

DrPepper2409d ago

PC Gaming has never been dead.

BraveToaster2408d ago

People have been saying PC gaming is dying since its inception...

NYC_Gamer2409d ago

Only close minded idiots believe PC gaming died

JBSleek2409d ago

PC is alive and well and growing more and more. With Kepler and Southern Island now out it will continue to grow.

GamingPerson2409d ago

Maxwell will blow xbox 720 away!

Mythicninja2409d ago

And with kick starter becoming so popular so quickly we are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way this industry works

Perjoss2409d ago

A shift that is VERY much needed. Some people might be happy with the usual blockbuster titles but for me at least they are totally lacking in creativity. There are 4 games I've gotten into lately that I consider to be AAA and none of them were made by a big developer.

Legend of Grimrock
Space Pirates and Zombies

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