Crytek's “The Best Kept Secret in Shooters” Statement Exaggerated? - Nick's Gaming View Episode #67

"Crytek hypes "the best kept secret in shooters" despite leaks of Crysis 3 and talks of TimeSplitters 4, Skyrim obtains Kinect support, Resident Evil 6's release date receives an update, 750gb Seagate Momentus XT giveaway and more!"

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tmanmushroom1835d ago

Skyrim and kinect?! That's news to me! And woooo! I'm excited to be a hybrid gamer xD!

Nick2120041835d ago

Congrats tmanmushroom! You deserve it for the support you have provided over the years!

jsslifelike1834d ago

Funny thing that the "best kept secret in shooters" gets leaked on the pub's own service...

chanmasta1834d ago

The reason why they said that is because it was leaked... They were making a joke...

sonicsidewinder1834d ago

If Timesplitters 4 releases...dayum, how long has it been. Better have a sick techno crazy soundtrack like TS2.